Samsung is developing two new smartphones with flexible displays

Samsung is developing two new smartphones with flexible displays

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We’ve already informed you that Samsung has officially postponed the premiere of the flexible smartphone Galaxy Fold. A tough decision was caused by unexpected problems with the display of the device.

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However, the company continues to invest mass technology in the development of technology. The latest data from the Korean edition of TheBell reveals that Samsung Display is already experimenting with new Flexible Shaped Smartphone designs that differ from Galaxy Fold.


The engineers of the company have so far named G and S-Type, said mspoweruser. According to the data, the first design is a device with two flexible screens that overlap inward, which resembles the design of the Huawei Mate X.

Samsung initially wanted to present such a smartphone, but changed its minds for reasons of how easy it can break integrity of the screen. The dimensions of the touch screen itself in this model are approximately eight inches.

The other prototype is even more impressive because it consists of three different screens. If users extend it, they will have an interactive 13-inch diagonal surface. This will turn it into a direct rival to devices like iPad Pro.

At this stage, these are concepts that have not yet been found in real devices. However, the data is definitive evidence of Samsung’s interest in technology and it seems that it continues to actively develop such smartphones.

Samsung is developing two new smartphones with flexible displays

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