Samsung is developing better technology to produce QLED TVs

Samsung is developing better technology to produce QLED TVs

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Samsung is the dominant factor in promoting OLED technology in the mobile industry. The Galaxy Series smartphones aren’t the only ones to reap the benefits. Other leading manufacturers, including Apple, also ship Samsung OLED displays.

The situation with TVs is fundamentally different, as LG takes precedence over its competitors. Their devices have an impressive ability to control light, as each pixel shines on its own.

In contrast, even Samsung QLED TVs use a filter for LED lighting. Of course, the company is already working on alternative solutions to address this technological flaw.

Samsung engineers are gearing up for a new method that promises to improve efficiency and extend the life of QLEDs. Thanks to it, the company hopes to start producing new QLED TVs that are better than competing models of LG, ZDNet reports.

A key difference with the new Quantum Dot LED technology is the use of indium phosphide instead of toxic cadmium. This allows 21.4% per diode to improve performance and extend TV service life by millions of hours.

The improved internal structure prevents oxidation, accelerates energy absorption and protects the interior of the display. Samsung hopes that this innovation will lead to the introduction of a new series of TVs using QD-OLED displays.

Samsung is developing better technology to produce QLED TVs

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