Samsung is developing a revolutionary mobile display

Samsung is developing a revolutionary mobile display

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Samsung has already raised a lot of interest in the premiere of the flexible smartphone Galaxy Fold and will continue to invest a lot of money in technology development.

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The Korean giant already has patented in its own name several concepts that reveal their future plans. Samsung engineers want to present a device that will completely change the idea of ​​what smartphones and mobile devices look like, mspoweruser reported.


The revolutionary idea of ​​Samsung is to present a unique screen that enables the production of a device that can function as a smartphone, tablet, smart clock or other mobile accessory.

In practice, this means that for example, you can display the screen as a bracelet on your hand, but at the same time use it and use it as a big tablet or turn it into a compact smartphone. The patent itself is called a “variable stiffness flexible display”.

If Samsung succeeds in making this concept a reality, it can create a completely new category of products in the technology industry. There are many people who would like to have a device that suits their needs.

In case you are one of them, you probably do not have the patience to learn more about this concept. We can safely say that Samsung will try to use the best of the features offered by flexible displays.

Samsung is developing a revolutionary mobile display

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