Samsung has added Apple TV to smart TVs

Samsung has added Apple TV to smart TVs

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New service becomes a part of 2018 and 2019 users Samsung Smart TV users now have access to Apple TV channels, iTunes TVs and movies.

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All Samsung smart TV models from 2019 and selected TV models from 2018 (via firmware update) today offers a new Apple TV application in 100 countries worldwide and support for AirPlay 2 in 176 countries, the Korean manufacturer said.


The addition to Samsung Smart TV users allows access to Apple TV channels, movies and iTunes TV shows. Samsung is the first TV maker to integrate the Apple TV application into its smart platform.

On Apple TV users get access to all available iTunes movie collections, TV shows and the ability to watch over 100,000 titles for iTunes for purchase or rental, in 4K HDR quality.

In addition, worldwide subscribers can subscribe to the Apple TV app for Apple TV channels, paying only for selected apps and browsing content on demand, as well as the Apple TV + subscription service when it is launched this fall.

By activating AirPlay 2 on smart TVs, users can now easily watch videos and other content from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac device directly to Samsung Smart TV.

The Apple TV application will work flawlessly with other Samsung Smart TV services – such as Bixby and search engines, the Korean manufacturer said.

Samsung has added Apple TV to smart TVs

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