SAEU will develop an open data portal

SAEU will develop an open data portal

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The State Agency for Electronic Management (DAEU) will develop and upgrade an updated open data portal, it became clear during the Open Data Conference – Challenges and Opportunities for Development.

The updated portal was developed by the Council of Ministers’ management as part of a project it is implementing to improve processes related to the provision, access and re-use of open data.

One of the main tasks is to transpose Directive 2019/1024 / EU of June 2019 on open data and the re-use of public sector information in national legislation, in particular the Law on Access to Public Information. The deadline is July 2021.

The portal contains information divided into 14 topics such as education, energy, transport, environment, districts and cities. It uploaded over 9000 datasets in an open, machine-readable format, published by more than 500 institutions and organizations.

User access to this information is free of charge and can be done from a computer and from a mobile phone. The portal ensures that the open information that is published is collected and processed by reliable sources, such as administrative authorities, regarding regulatory obligations.

According to statistics, tens of thousands of users, including citizens, academia, media, business and administrations, visit the Portal every month. The profile shows that they are persons of active age, mostly aged 25-34.

There is also a trend of increasing consumer share from abroad. DAEU is launching an initiative to encourage the use of Portal data among students to use information for their study projects and development.

A feedback mechanism should also be developed for citizens and NGOs using the data, as well as criteria for evaluating the re-use of open business data. The idea is that open source data and its economic and social benefits can reach more people.

DAEU will ensure that the open data uploaded to the Portal comply with web accessibility policies and generally accepted European and world standards, for ease of use and compatibility.

The expected benefits of the revamped Portal are greater transparency and control of institutions, more active citizen participation, better products and services offered by businesses and improved efficiency of public services.

Each year, on the proposal of the President of the State Agency for Electronic Governance, on the basis of the Law on Access to Public Information, the Council of Ministers adopts a List of data by priority areas, which will be published in the open format of the Open Data Portal.

SAEU will develop an open data portal

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