Roscosmos Patent Evaporation Satellite

Roscosmos Patent Evaporation Satellite

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The decaying device itself will not pollute the space Roscosmos will produce satellites that evaporate and do not pollute the space. The Russian state corporation Roscosmos has received a patent for a self-destructive spacecraft.

The invention is included in the database of the Federal Intellectual Property Office. These are satellites which, after performing their basic functions or in the event of a failure, can self-destruct without contaminating the area with debris.

It is suggested that parts of the structure of a self-destructing device can literally evaporate under the influence of external space factors. Such satellites will be made of materials that have a sublimation property, that is, capable of transitioning from a solid state to a gaseous, bypassing liquid.

Self-destruction can happen in different ways. For example, the degrading material of a satellite may be coated with a special protective film, which is then removed. Another option is to warm the satellite independently to the melting point of its elements.

The Roscosmos patent application was filed in 2017. Of course, the described technology currently exists only on paper, but in the near future, the proposed solutions may find practical application.

Roscosmos Patent Evaporation Satellite

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