ROG Mothership – Replacement Desktops

ROG Mothership – Replacement Desktops

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Robust gambler and creator of serious content The ROG Mothership stands upright to allow the cooling system unrestricted access to the airflow on the back. laptops. The ROG spring 2019 collection balances smart performance with greater convenience and easier everyday use.

One of the new models is the parent boat ROG, which is positioned as a deputy on desktop computers. This laptop offers visualization capabilities for both sworn gamers and serious content creators.

Common grids used in notebooks restrict cooling and are locked in idle position to fit a shape factor suitable for sitting on the lap. This is a good compromise for many notebooks, but replacement of desktops is too great to fit comfortably, so the ROG has re-considered the form to enhance the experience.

Instead of lying on the table, the ROG motherboard stands upright to allow the cooling system unrestricted access to the air stream at the back. The keyboard shares and overlaps for maximum flexibility, giving you the freedom to be positioned for the perfect post and to connect with cord or wireless.

The keypad separation detects a series of four loudspeakers that are directed directly to the user and create an effective sound bar below the screen. Improved airflow due to upright construction allows the ROG to reduce the body without sacrificing speed.

ROG Mothership is surprisingly slender for the power it provides. Part of the credit is thanks to the CNC-treated body, which is precisely refined for perfect adhesion.

It takes almost 20 hours to cut all the parts of solid aluminum blocks, resulting in cuts and precision-shaped parts that reflect attention and attention to detail during the manufacturing process.

The ultra-fast FHD board was upgraded to 144Hz with a response time of 3 milliseconds to meet players who want to experience the right three-way FPS fast game.

The 4Hz UHD of 60 Hz provides the best balance for creative search, with outstanding detail and full coverage of Adobe RGB color space for a wide variety of colors.

ROG Mothership – Replacement Desktops

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