Return Huawei Membership to Key Associations

Return Huawei Membership to Key Associations

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The company is again among SD and Wi-Fi Alliance partners Huawei hampers. Quite a few key industry associations such as SD Association, Wi-Fi Alliance, Bluetooth SIG and JEDEC (USB) after just a few days without Any explanation, they took the Chinese company from their official partners list, said Gizchin.

Clouds over Huawei appear to be scattered, and the company will retain access to important, groundbreaking technologies and the ability to use them in their products such as smartphones and tablets.

In addition, despite the rupture of the ARM developer, licensing 32- and 64-bit mobile processors, Huawei is expected to officially present its new Kirin chip. This is probably the Kirin 720, 10-nanometer technology, and the direct heir to the Kirin 710, which is used in mid-range devices with Huawei and Honor brands.

Huawei can not officially announce the new leading processor Kirin 985, which has been on TSMC chips for a couple of Taiwan chip makers for several days. This chip system (SoC) will be embedded in Huawei’s new high-end smartphones expected in the autumn market.

Return Huawei Membership to Key Associations

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