Related to the PlusToken pyramid $ 117 million bitcoins set in motion

Related to the PlusToken pyramid $ 117 million bitcoins set in motion

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Over 12,000 BTC worth about $ 117 million at the current exchange rate, allegedly associated with the PlusToken cryptocurrency pyramid, have been moved to two new addresses.

New #PLUSTOKEN parking addresses:

The data was cited by Chiyachi Wu, vice president of blockchain security at PeckShields.

11 999 coins were transferred to one of the addresses, 424 BTC to the second. According to the expert, they look like cold wallets.

In the comments on the tweet, they already suggested a possible dump of the first cryptocurrency.

Earlier, experts expressed the opinion that the price movements of bitcoin in 2019 were largely determined by the activities of the organizers of the crypto pyramid for $ 3 billion.

Primitive Crypto managing partner Dovi Wang noted that the start of the Bitcoin rally coincided with the activation of PlusToken at the end of March last year – this stimulated the demand for BTC.

Six fraud organizers were arrested in Vanuatu on June 26 and the cryptocurrency collapse the next day, Van recalled. She supported her opinion with the study of cryptocurrency analyst Ergo, who counted 200,000 BTC in wallets associated with PlusToken.

In December, Chainalysis announced that fraudsters still have 20,000 bitcoins, as well as a significant amount in Ethereum. The sale of these assets can have an impact on the market, the company said.

Recall, according to Chainalysis experts, over the past year, through cryptocurrency exchanges, attackers laundered $ 2.8 billion in bitcoins.

The most popular among them were the Binance and Huobi sites. The organizers of the Ponzi PlusToken scheme sent money mainly to the latter.

Related to the PlusToken pyramid $ 117 million bitcoins set in motion

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