reduce WordPress loading time (best guide)

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Do you know how to reduce WordPress loading time?

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If you don’t then this article is created for you.

One of the best google ranking factors is fast loading website

If you know and wanted to reduce WordPress loading time then this article will guide you through

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1. Hosting :-

Choosing a fast host is the number 1st priority for a fast website

You must choose the best host if you don’t want your site to experience downtime

There different kind of international host which you can use like bluehost, namecheap, and many others and if it’s local host then I will recommend domainking.

2. Plugins

Uninstall and delete all plugins you don’t use because too much plugins increases your site loading time

And always be careful of all the plugins which you will install because some plugins can cause you and your site a lot of trouble
So try to find reviews about plugins before installation on your blog

3. Images

Heavy images are not recommended for your blog  They increase your blog loading time

Try to optimize and compress your Images before uploading it to your WordPress blog

And if have not being doing that before or you have already uploaded some on your blog you can compress it with the help of plugins

But for me I use wpsmush  Its good in compression of images

4. Caching plugins

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Did you know the meaning of caching let’s explain  Wordpress caching involves saving some of your static files (e.g images, scripts, etc) on the users’ device for a specified period of time.

When your users visit your website at a later date (and provided the cached files haven’t expired), your website will load faster since the user doesn’t need todownload the files from your server.

It will save your site load of time and it will improve your blog loading time their are many caching plugins which you can use

You can search the web for it and you can go for WP total caching plugin

5. Content delivery network (c d n)

What is cdn and what are they use for?

A content delivery network is a series of interlinked data centers located across the globe.

After installing a cdn on your WordPress site , versions of your website are saved on multiple data centers.

When a user visits your website, the CDN will automatically serve your website from the data center nearest to the user.

Maybe you don’t understand

Your WordPress website could be hosted on a data center (server) anywhere on the globe depending on the location of your web host.
If your site server is far away from where the visitors are coming from, the further away a user is from the server of your website
the longer the page load time .

For example now this site is hosted on domainking , and the server is located in India

If I visit this site from India I will experience a faster loading time compared to when I visit from Nigeria

When you install cdn on your website and a user visits your website,

the CDN will automatically serve your website from the data center nearest to the user.

6. Gzip compression

Gzip compression is a cool and easy way of speeding up your WordPress site.

All you need to do is Just to turn it on

Just navigate to your WordPress Options Screen at

” http://”

and change the value of the gzipcompression field from 0 to1.

Replace with your own domain.

Obviously, you must first login to your site for this to work

7. Adverts

Too many advert are very sure to slow down your site

too many advert can impact negatively on your page load time.

Linking directly to the product or service you’re promoting using optimized images is the
best way to advertise offers on your website.

But note that the image must be optimized

Or you can use text links to promote advert on your site but one disadvantages about that is that it might not draw visitors attention .

Wrapping up on reduce WordPress loading time

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This are the best ways to optimize your WordPress site to reduce WordPress loading time
Follow this article and experience a very fast loading site

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