8 Reasons why bloggers fail- i Have found the solution to them

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According to the recent internet stats, about 150million blogs are published on the internet every single day. 70-80% of those blogs are inactive and open to failure to make it more precise. The rest 30% still struggle wither to survive or to die off ,among which just 15-25% doesn’t get more than 1000pageviews daily.

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Only 5% of the blogs published daily get 99% of organic traffic from google search engines everyday.

How many blogs are successful on the internet today and how many has failed? the numbers of accounted failed blogs are too numerous to number and yet many bloggers still emerge daily to even make things worse.

In on of my recent articles i wrote about the keys to successful Blogging and i received many thanks from newbies and bloggers who are still finding it difficult to make it successful in blogging but how many can boast that they have explaored all that they have learnt and have put them to practice instead ,they only want the short cuts to success which might be very difficult.

Am not surprised at the poor stats about the blogs that fail on the internet today because blogging is not so easy that you can just come in to achieve success without accounting failure.

As a blogger who just started new in Blogging, before you create one successful blog you might have created and abandoned more than 10blogs. I know you will understand what am saying.

Even till now, i still struggle with blogging but i am now better of those years and still waiting to achieve more and more success as the years goes by.

Am not blaming you because you couldn’t make it as a blogger but am only blaming you because you kept off without knowing why you failed as a blogger at the initial stage.

Whenever you fail, it is said that it’s never the end of the journey instead figure out why you failed and work it out..

Over 90% of bloggers who fail today do blame traffic as the reason for their failure.Permit me to say traffic is never the reason why people fail to make money from blogging since we count our success in blogging by how much we make from blogging.

A man who says he’s not successful as a blogger doesn’t mean he isn’t getting traffic to his blog but he isn’t making money from his blog.

There are blogs that gets 14,000daily page views in a day and still earn less than 20$ in a day while some blogs that get less than 1000 daily pageviews still earn higher. that’s enough to let you know that traffic is not the reason why most bloggers fail today.

What is the state of your blogging life today? already a failure? struggling to succeed? hoping for success?, Already frustrated and tired of blogging? , don’t be tired as the blogging prophet (Kennedy Prosper) is here again today to launch a revival on your blogging life.

In this article , am going to share you some helpful tips regarding the major reasons why bloggers fail to make money from blogging. in order words why bloggers fail and also the solutions to the reasons why bloggers fail.

Why Bloggers Fail and Solutions

  • Your Blog is Not Your Business:

    “I don’t care” is one of the major reasons why bloggers fail today and not until i get to understand this factor i remained a failure.

    I set up a blog because i want to earn a living from it. I mean i want to buy new cars,build mansions, become a celebrity, Mary many wife’s(lol don’t mind me o) all from blogging so when setting up and managing my blog i address it like a real business, a workshop , a rented store and in fact my only investment to say it all.

    Can you open your workshop and leave it for something else like playing football far away? i believe you will loose so many customers

    Lots of bloggers who fail today is simply because they don’t look blogging to be a real business. they are like let me just set up this blog if i can make money from blogging like one of the famous bloggers.

    The sad truth is that, successful bloggers who understood this fact are all over the internet right in that same niche you are about to venture and if you cannot as well play the rolling ball then you will be down for your competitors to thread on you.

    All what i have for you now is ” Learn to take your blog like one of your best offline business” take proper care of it like you take care of your offline business. after some time you will come over here (Delta state-Nigeria) to tell me thanks if by then I haven’t relocated to New York City.

  • You are Just too Dull:

    Inconsistency is another major reason why bloggers fail today.

    It’s not easy to be a consistence blogger, yes i know that and that’s why i have listed first that you should learn to treat your blog like a real business because if your blog can be a real business to you ,then it will be very easy to overcome the problem of inconsistency.

    You created a blog and published less than 10 articles on it and you are making 100$ daily i bet you will be on the blog everyday publishing more relevant articles aiming 20,0000$ daily. lol i know even if that will stop you from any other offline business, you will be ever ready to face it because by now you can say blogging is more than a real business.

    The online world today is just too crammed with lots of competitors. so it will be better you outwork them and come top in your niche.

    A blog that create more relevant articles often is open to grow fast to the success stage than to one that publish 1article in every two months even if the one article is over relevant.

    To cut this short: Knowing your blog is a real business is the open door to consistency in blogging.

  • Your Content Marketing is Ridiculous

    How do you go about promoting your blog contents to reach your targeted audience? What about your sale pages how do you get those who wants to buy to reach those pages at the appointed time? I bet this is what you do:

    • Hit on the publish Button
    • Your post goes live on Facebook, twitter, Google+ and other social medias
    • Highly and copy post to other forums for promotion
    • Retweet and share, share,share on Facebook groups and pages with huge likes
    • Keep hunting for linkbacks and comments

    I also do same but let me tell you the truth. You cannot get your targeted audience with this traffic .model.

    Some of this huge Facebook groups you aim for, how many of the members are still alive? how many have been buried , how many of them are still active to see your posts? they are only numbers that doesn’t count on your niche they only come, read and go.

    Facebook Ads and Google AdWords is one of the best methods to get your targeted audience when it comes to content marketing, Affiliate marketing , and any other marketing you might think of.

    But because i don’t have money, am just a small boy struggling to buy a new slippers for this upcoming Xmas i always optimize my articles after doing good keywords researchs to gain organic traffic (with this i get my targeted audience even without any investment in adverts)

    If you are not rich like me, and you are aiming to get targeted traffic without spending for Adverts i will suggest you stay firm with keywords research and organic optimization

  • Your Nickname is FREEMIUM:

    I am also a fan of free stuffs and tools online even till now. but i always love unveiling the hidden truth so i must tell you that free things don’t always take you as far as you want.

    why bloggers fail

    Take for instance you kept that 80$ or so for your girl friends birthday celebration, because you prefer using free things so you are making use of free Yoast SEO plugin on your blog.

    I didn’t say you can’t make it with free stuffs” don’t get me wrong. am only saying premium is far better than freemium.

    If you have the money for premium tools go for them.they will help you.

  • AdSense Lover:

    Ooo am so sorry because the last time you called me that you want to create a blog for AdSense i forgot to inform you to be ready for failure ”

    another reason why most bloggers fail today is because they are creating a blog just to make money from google AdSense. at the end all they could do is publishing crappy contents all in the name of targeting high CPC AdSense keywords at the end, the result is ( AdSense banned my account for invalid activities)

    Wait for 2months they no longer publish new crappy contents, in the next 1year host expired and they are off blogging. (say this slang “No be my Head o”) if you have been thinking of creating a blog for AdSense earning purpose.

    It doesn’t mean you cannot make money using google AdSense. As a matter of fact i love AdSense earning more than every other monetization earnings. am only saying you should learn to love your passion as a blogger.

    I have created many blogs without AdSense yet i kept on because of the passion and because i knew what i was doing. Lots of my fans are like why can’t you add AdSense here and there but they are just too childish and AdSense tempted .

    Creating a blog with value is what you need as a blogger and not just focussing on earning from AdSense and at the end you end up littering your entire blog with too many ads.

    If you create a blog for AdSense, am sure you will stop blogging when AdSense ban you.

    To overcome this i do tell my fans: “Create a blog that makes money but don’t create a blog for AdSense “ read that over and over again it’s a parable you should understand ( am sick and tired of explanation) my upper lip is red here. let me jump to the next step before my battery go off.

  • Busy Body:

    You met a friend who claimed to be making money online from blogging and he agreed to set up your blog for you and promised you will be making money even with 1-2hrs work on your blog daily.

    You invested your hard earned money all in the hope of making money from your blog with 1-2hrs daily work.

     why bloggers fail

    The man you called your mentor has earned his affiliate commission from your domain and web hosting purchase and has also billed you like hell to create the blog for you. now he’s chilling in the hotel with his GF spending your hard earned money and you are here struggling with failure. don’t worry by the end of the of the match failure will emerge the winner while you will be the failure.

    If anyone try to create the impression that you can make money online with 1-2hrs work daily from your blog , i won’t be an entrant of such party am here in the mountain watching both of you to see the outcome and the result. As the referee i will be ready to blow the whistle when needed so keep on playing the game and keep believing fake truths.

    The above inscriptionz has made many bloggers to fail. Oga boss if you are too busy to blog, don’t even think of blogging because blogging is time consumer.

    Focus on your offline business because with your busy body you will earn nothing from blogging..

    As a matter of fact i spend more than 10hrs in creating one unique article on this blog that’s because am too slow in typing hmmm? no no no but because i do alots of research and findings before crafting articles just to make them outstanding.

    Your time is one of the factor that determine your blogging success therefore you need no time to waste time creating a blog when you don’t have time to blog.

  • You Aren’t Creative At all:

    Blogging is also a world of creativity. You can’t blog to see success easily without creative writing skills.

    If you brows through the achieve of this blog you will understand that content creation is differ from every individual and bloggers.

    Am not saying am the best blogger but am just different. am still a learner who is striving everyday to use my primary school certificate to gain employment in blogging so i keep exploring my best writing skills daily to make sure you can Read and comprehend my write-ups.

    You don’t need to be a guru in writing before you can start blogging but at least you need something new about your writing skills

    Not Being creative enough is a different English from not being creative at all. Am not creative enough yet i have a blog that you love reading from.

    It means with your own little creativity you can also create a blog worth Reading from. but not been creative at all is the reason why too many bloggers fail today.

    Learn to be creative, learn to make things new, learn to bundle your old tricks and emplore new ones, learn to follow the new age. learn to be updated and stop being outdated everyday.

  • You are Not Socialized:

    Another current reason why bloggers fail is as a result of being unsocialized.

    To bloggers, The social network is termed a place where you can create awareness about what you offer on your blog.

    I love making use of the social media because i get lots of my blog fans from there, and lots of them have turned to my permanent visitors. Even as after publishing this article it goes live on my social profiles.

    What are you doing with your Facebook profile, Did You go ahead as a blogger in additing all your school mates, and old friends whom you know very well cannot convert to your visitors neither can they buy from your blog.

    My Facebook profile is for business so i only add people who can add value to my business while my second Facebook account is for friends and family. I think you can do the same by learning this model from me.

    It’s agreed that with google awareness can be created on your blog but the social media is the fastest way to create awareness and let more people know about your blog so try to utilize it while you wait for your blog to be well crawled by google as that may require some time even after doing your proper optimisation.

Incase You skipped something From the above write-ups let’s do a Recapture:

Let’s do a review on how to re engineer your blog and how to avoid been among the bloggers that fail.

Turn your Blog to your Business: For those who still say they blog for fun and not for money it’s high time you stop it.

Start treating your blog like a business and with this you will earn money from it like a business. treat it like fun and you will earn nothing.

Remain Consistent: If your competitors are posting twice in a day learn to post three times or more In a day. this will not only make you stand out but also it will increase your earning.

Find some time to work on your blog always. don’t tell me it’s hard work because you won’t inform me when the hard work start paying you.

Market Your blog Contents: Throughout last month to this month how much have you spent on your blog in doing promotion of your blog contents? i won’t be surprise at the figures in your mind but mind you it’s a sure saying that we spend money to make money same thing applied online.

Apart from spending money to promote your contents try to spend some bulks in creating new contents as well if you don’t have much time to keep your audience busy reading from your blog.

Am here for you. spend your money on me and grow your blog by hiring me a writer on your blog. an not a stingy type so i have always kept my price so sexy.

Solve their Problems: Stop creating your blog for AdSense, instead create a blog that will be a solution to peoples problem.

If you create a blog for AdSense, did you forget that AdSense is no mans friend? what if they reject or ban your site what will you do.

Don’t let this be the road to your failure in blogging, run from it, now that i just revealed the secret to you.

Use Your time well: In my country’ Nigeria we only have 24hrs in a day i don’t know about you reading this post.

Maybe you have less than 10hrs that makes up your day or you have 48hrs that makes up your day i can’t tell but am very sure that apart from your country every other country have 24hrs in a day.

No body have time, yet people still find time to do things they aught to do. What about you why not figure out some time for blogging? instead of investing your time in some unfruitful activities that will earn you nothing.

practice makes perfection: As a blogger you need not to be afraid of failure my dear. Blogging is so rough and filled with thorns, but only those who are determined, fearless and bold will make it out successful.

As a blogger , failure is only a ladder to climbing higher and higher so whenever you fail, be glad because you just learnt something new. Figure out your errors and work them out for success.

Successful bloggers have ones failed time without numbers so you aren’t the first nor the last to fail.

Keep leaning , practice and as time goes on, you become perfect. I was ones seeking for how to create a blog some years ago but now i do create blog for people with money.

As a blogging prophet, i have preached the Gospel, it’s now your turn to tell the world about the gospel while you practice the Gospel as well.

Having learnt a new gospel about blogging and why bloggers fail plus the solutions, why not spread the Gospel by sharing this article on your social profile. Don’t be among the wicked readers who don’t appreciate the effort of bloggers like me.

You can also share your opinion using the comment box below and don’t forget to subscribe for more updates from this blog. am just tired of typing i need to drop my hands for now

it’s said a word is enough for the wise but this is just more than a word so i believe this is enough and even more than enough. Thanks for talking your time to read through my crappy but helpful English..

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  1. SirPhren said:

    God bless you real good main man. This post hit me hard. I have made a lots of mistakes too, which has turned to motivating blogger to bloggers.

    My mistakes started from using free WordPress.com and blogspot. Am glad I did….it made me know more and able o help whoever want to go into blogging.

    A lot has happened. I keep on keeping on.

    I just bookmarked this blog!

    July 18, 2018
    • Sirphren am glad you found this article helpful , thanks for bookmarking but you can also subscribe with your email to keep getting updates directly to your email.

      July 18, 2018

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