Razer revealed the biggest problem with gaming smartphones

Razer revealed the biggest problem with gaming smartphones

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The company releases the two-state premiere of its games smartphones, which have introduced completely new standards for mobile games. In recent weeks, however, we have surprisingly found out that Razer breaks its online gaming store and also reduces staff in the device development team.

All of this posed serious questions about whether we would ever see the third version of Razer Phone. Personally, the company’s chief, Min-Liang Tang, made a strange statement about the future of Razer.

In his statement, Min-Liang Tan said the two versions of gaming smartphones achieved impressive success and achieved the set goals. The Razer chief also identified software, not hardware, as the main reason behind the natural evolution of mobile game opportunities.

That’s the factor behind the development of the third version of Razer Phone, reported Engadget. He says there are still too many games that are not optimized for the touch screen.

One solution to the problem is the use of additional controllers to facilitate navigation. Razer has already teamed up with developers to develop a platform for standardizing and enhancing mobile game capabilities.

The idea of ​​the company is games on smartphones to get as close as possible to their versions for popular consoles. For the future, Razer will focus on software and also plans serious investments in the development and promotion of 5G networks in the industry.

Razer revealed the biggest problem with gaming smartphones

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