Proper implementation of innovation triggers development

Proper implementation of innovation triggers development

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Internet stuff has the potential to transform business and public Internet services by expanding the scope of information technology and allowing them to directly affect our environment, says Anastas Šopov.

The introduction of information technology into every activity and progress of industry in industry 4.0 are key trends. They shape the present and future of companies, and concepts such as the Internet of Things have the potential to transform not only business but also a large part of public services, said Anastas Shopov, ERP.BG’s software company director during the Business Forum. Excellence 2022 The basis of successful digital transformation is the use of technology that enables businesses to operate on brand new models, the manager said.

According to him, the main factor of growth and development is not the implementation of innovation, but proper implementation, which leads to better results for business.

IoT is today one of the most modern technologies. Some time ago, the internet allowed people to communicate in a completely new way, and the next step is to include other things in communication. Since we have a sense of taste, touch, vision and smell, that make judgments and conclusions, internet stuff can extract data from reality and turn them into a digital environment, “explains Shopov.

According to him, internet stuff allows us to connect the actual and digital world and devices to “talk” with each other. “It will give us unlimited possibilities for automation and will completely change the way we work and live,” said Anastas Shopov.

The Forum of Business Excellence focuses on innovative and contemporary business management models and business support, especially business excellence.

This is related to the application of extraordinary practices in organization and achievement of high achievements – by integrating the selection of successful practices through which we can develop business in the best possible way.

Proper implementation of innovation triggers development

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