Promolta Review 2019: Scam or Legit? Don’t pay yet until you Read my Review

Promolta review is yet another review we shall be looking at today to see if Promolta is worth it or not from opinions and reviews from some Promolta users.

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Has anyone told you about Promolta? And am sure you are having some doubt accompanied with certain questions like: how effective is promolta, Is Promolta legitimate, Is Promolta scam or legit,promolta complaints and opinions,promolta free trial,is promolta fake views? and many more related questions just to get a view of how this program really works and to know if Promolta is fake or real before you get started with them.

In this article (Promolta Review), we shall be discussing some issues and Promolta FAQs you must learn as a starter and a newbie who just learnt about Promolta. am sure it will help.

HIwap earning

Each time you setup a new video and having uploaded it on YouTube the largest video streaming website, the next thing is getting viewers to stream your videos and perhaps boost your earning, Subscribers and Gain more likes.


Doing this can be very difficult at times instead we pay for social media promotions and other means to getting our videos noticed by the audience.

In subject to the above which gave birth to a video Promotion website Promolta keeps you wandering if they can render the services of sending millions of viewers as exclaimed. Without time waste let me walk you through what you really want to see here.

Promolta Review: What is Promolta?

According to Promolta about us Page:

The internet is crowded.

Four hundred hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. How do you stand out from the crowd and get seen? That is the problem Promolta solves.

Essentially how it works is we take your YouTube video and push it out through our powerful network. We have over 10,000 blogs, websites, apps and social networks that will display your video to their real audience.

Through Promolta, you can target by age, gender, location, and keywords. We focus on engagement.

A view is when a real person watch minimum 30 seconds of your video. All displays are free. All clicks are free. All sharing on facebook/twitter is free. All analytics about performance are free.

All views less than 30 seconds are free. Thus, you only pay when a real person watch minimum 30 seconds of your video. We look forward to providing you with the most effective video advertising solution._

Am sure with the above you can now tell how Promolta works. But hold on “Is Promolta Worth it?” let’s see because am sure every company will always give good testimonies about themselves. That’s normal

Is Promolta Legitimate or Scam

Each time you want to see what others are saying about promolta, google front page to almost the third page as of the time of writing this post will show you some sponsored videos about this platform and their Blog section which is

But can you really adhere to what you see here? No no no instead we gat to make more bottom research to see others complaints about promolta since most of this people are real testifiers having used their products.

Like they say: Do not judge a book by its cover instead judge it by what is written therein. We aren’t going to judge Promolta here by the outer look but the inner look of the program: See some testimonies below about promolta.

Let’s see some more testimonies from BlackHat:

Here’s the source link where you can read more replies and also add yours does it end here? Not really i still gat more to share with you.

frankly speaking this is truth:

Is Promolta Scam?

This is a company setup by some group of folks probably to make money and grow other people’s brand so we can’t jump into conclusion if Promolta is scam but hold on i still have some more to share:

Read some reviews:

Does it really mean there’s no good review about promolta online? are you asking the same question? if yes then here’s what you must know.

A company can never satisfy all it clients no matter how they try. I have used many websites without aches while some other folks do complain they are scam. In that case, there’s always a bad review about every company in one way or the other.

However, A company worth using is the one which has gotten more great reviews than the bad ones. Looking from this perspective, Promolta has gotten more bad reviews to good ones from the research conducted so far before putting up this article. don’t go yet let’s continue.

What’s Promolta Pricing?

it as not official stated in Promolta’s FAQ page about their charges neither have i tried them to know how their charges goes. But from the images of testimonials shared above, you will notice they charge $50 for 3.5k views and it you will get 1k free views if you join via a friend referral/affiliate link.

That’s all we can say about their charges and pricing for now.

how effective is promolta

Promolta isn’t a scam in a way that you pay to them without delivery: That means Promolta is very effective when it comes to delivering views.

From the Promolta reviews above, you will notice the users said they paid $50 for 3.5k views and they got it delivered. They never stated it was delayed.

With this, we can say Promolta is fast in delivering your views as officially promised.

Promolta Review from my own point of View

Promolta isn’t a scam, they do send views to your Videos but the only problem they have here is that these views don’t really convert not because they are Bot views but because of the review here at Blackhat. See this line of writeup.

Now when i used tubebuddy to check the referring websites for this. bulk of the views came from a webiste called , and i checked what baymack is : Baymack is a site that’s available worldwide that lets you earn lotto tickets for watching and categorizing YouTube Videos.

Can you now see these people watching your videos are human and not bots? But how can they convert when they aren’t even interested in your video instead they’re only watching because of the reward they will get ( funny funny and funny).

You can use only use Promolta if you want your YouTube videos to be showing stats like 50views with Zero subscribers.

My Advice:

I will rather pay $50 for Facebook adverts than to pay in getting useless 3.5k Views. Read this again:
(I didn’t say Promolta is a scam instead they send views which do not convert).

What’s your Opinion?

Have you used Promolta before now? are you still using this program? what’s your experience so far? kindly share with us in the comment section.

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  1. DoozyAnimation said:

    I tried Promolta, and the same thing, got views, but no likes or subscribers (even though their site claims subscribers came from their ads, but I know they did not). I also checked my stats, and the majority of the views came from the same sites mentioned above, as well as one that seemed to be focused on in-game ads for mobile games, which no one will click on a video to subscribe when they are playing a game.

    The oddest thing about Promolta, is that they claim to have this vast social network to get you views, subscribers and comments, but their own YouTube channel only has 612 subscribers!!!! That is like buying hair growing cream from a bald man!

    January 31, 2019
    • Thanks for leaving a review about Promolta. Since this post has been published i have gotten more of similar testimonies just like yours.

      Like you said: If they are so good in giving others subscribers and likes why would their YouTube channel rank so poor. We should be expecting like Millions of subscribers at least to be sure they practice what they offer.

      Beside that, Am still wandering which social media they are referring to when they said they will promote your videos on social medias because even their Facebook page is so so poor and lack engagement.

      it’s very Obvious they offers nothing but bot and inhuman views (they can never convert)

      January 31, 2019
  2. phantom said:

    i always read review before doing anything online, thanks for this review, i really appreciate it

    February 7, 2019
      • Jeremiah Mack said:

        Can you do a review on sprizzy?

        February 16, 2019
  3. Newton Iv said:

    hey i just came across promolta and i tried promoting one of my videos for my card is being declined, please me out here i am from Nigeria and i use a VISA card,,

    March 19, 2019

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