Problem – Facebook and Instagram have stopped working

Problem – Facebook and Instagram have stopped working

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You are trying to log in to Facebook and Instagram accounts, but without success. The problem is not on your smartphone or computer. About 15: 25h. Bulgarian social networks have blocked and can not be opened directly through their sites or their mobile applications.

Do not panic, your snacks are not hacked, and the problem is not associated with a hacking attack before NRA days. The problem is global and it simply came to Bulgaria with a little delay. Even more complicated yesterday were US consumers, Britain, Russia, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Mexico and the Philippines.

The technical teams of the two largest social networks work to solve the problem, without official information about the cause. If you temporarily do not have access to your social networking in the next few hours – there is no room for concern.

Problem – Facebook and Instagram have stopped working

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