PowerToys and Windows 10 utilities come out

PowerToys and Windows 10 utilities come out

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The package is being developed as an open source project in GitHub Microsoft will provide Windows 10 users with a platform-based platform. Microsoft PowerToys Multipack Kit for Windows 95 and Windows XP will also be available for the current version of Windows 10, Liliputing .com.

The package provided easy installation of the operating system, adding new features to the context menu, improving switching between applications with Alt + Tab, file and folder synchronization, and other features. But in later versions of Windows, these programs are not working.

Microsoft, however, intends to return them to the hands of consumers. It is claimed that the company is developing PowerToys with support for Windows 10 as an open-source project hosted by GitHub. The package is expected to be released this summer. Initially, the new PowerToys will contain two tools – “Increase to a new desktop” and “Windows shortcut key guide”.

As its name implies, the first program will send an open window to an automatically created virtual desktop. The other program will unlock all available keyboard shortcuts to the operating system. Pressing and holding the Windows key will display a list of available options for all keys.

In the future, an enhanced version of the Alt + Tab combination, notebook battery control system, keyboard shortcut manager, package renaming utility, CMS (PowerShell) support for Bash script editor etc. is expected to be released. will first be developed so that enthusiasts can be involved in the process.

In addition, the company plans to update the command prompt and is in the process of installing the Linux kernel in the Windows operating system.

PowerToys and Windows 10 utilities come out

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