PoE Switch – a flexible and cost-effective video surveillance solution

PoE Switch – a flexible and cost-effective video surveillance solution

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Enables the power supply of the same Ethernet cable and data to remote devices such as IP cameras or access points Tester Control TEF1110P has eight PoE ports and two-gigabit uplink ports, as well as home users, rely on security systems built with IP cameras.

When these devices are combined with the so-called PoE switch, they produce an ideal video surveillance system – flexible and economical. The PoE switch, like the recently introduced Tent TEF1110P, is a network data transfer device that can transmit data and power to a connected IP camera, access point, or IP phone thanks to Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology.

When connected to multiple network devices, the PoE switch significantly simplifies cabling and reduces networking costs, as no separate power sources are required for each IP camera, access point, VoIP phone, or other device connected to the PoE switch. data and power over Ethernet cables.

In such installations, for example CCTV, cameras can be installed anywhere and especially where they are most needed, without the need for installers to ensure they have an electrical outlet. Moreover, the PoE switch is the center point, and when secured with the UPS, it gives much greater security to the entire network.

PoE technology and standards Power over Ethernet (POE) technology enables power transfer to existing Cat5 / Cat5e / Cat6 Ethernet data cables to power the connected devices. PoE is based on standards such as IEEE 802.3af and 802.3at. PoE-compatible devices are classified as PS (Power Sourcing Equipment), PD (powered devices), or combining both.

Most PSEs are network switches such as Tenda TEF1110P or PoE injectors intended for use with non-PoE switches. Typical examples of PD devices are IP cameras, VoIP phones and wireless access points. One of the most common scenarios for using PoE switches is the construction of flexible, economical and secure video surveillance systems with IP cameras.

PoE Switch significantly simplifies cabling and reduces the cost of networking IP cameras, access points, or IP phones. PoE Basic technology supports data transmission and power up to 100 meters from switches on connected devices. This 100m limit comes from standard Ethernet cable but can be overcome with Ethernet Extensions or Cascade Connections on multiple PoE switches.

The TEF1110P tent has a special expanded Ethernet mode that extends data transmission and power up to 250 meters, as well as two gigabit uplink ports for connecting the switches to networks of several kilometers. IEEE has developed an improved version of technology – “Power over Ethernet Plus” (PoE +), also known as IEEE 802.3at.

This standard supports 30 W power supply for Ethernet switched cables, while the native PoE IEEE 802.3af supports 15.4 W per port. The TEF1110P tent is compatible with the PoE + standard. provides 30W per port. PoE in IP Surveillance Cameras With PoE switches in CCTV installations, first of all, it is a lightweight and inexpensive network.

The recent trend is the use of manageable PoE switches, such as Tenda TEF1110P. They allow remote control of any single-point network camera – for example, the operator can restart the PoE IP camera without a visit, saving time. Application of the PoE switch TEF1110P tent. PoE switches with different parameters – 8/12/24/48-port, accessible and irreversible are available on the market.

Tent TEF1110P PoE switch, with a cost of around $ 185, offers 8 PoE connectors 10/100 Mbps compatible with IEEE 802.3at / 802.3af plus 2 uplink ports 10/100/1000 Mbps, Gigabit. In addition, 6KV light bulb protection is provided on each port.

Undoubtedly, PoE switches are a simple and efficient solution for IP network cameras, providing the flexibility to install, remove power cables, and the need for electrical outlets for each device, and provide easy control over one central location of the entire installation.

PoE Switch – a flexible and cost-effective video surveillance solution

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