PhotoBoost – Enhances photos before posting

PhotoBoost – Enhances photos before posting

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A simple and intuitive PhotoBoost auto-optimizer application can instantly, automatically enhance your photos as soon as you add them to the application.  Although photography is still a professional activity, casual photography has become one of the daily rituals.

It is no longer about capturing invaluable moments, but about constantly documenting our daily lives and showing them to others through social media. But even on social platforms, we want the images we upload to look good. So we use a variety of tools that can help us correct any imperfections caught by the camera.

PhotoBoost is one of those tools. It should be noted from the beginning that PhotoBoost is not necessarily a photo editor. You cannot use them to crop, rotate, or otherwise manipulate images, nor can you manually adjust parameters such as brightness, contrast, hue, or saturation. Instead, PhotoBoost can instantly, automatically enhance photos as they are added to the application.

The $ 10 program is simple, fast and easy to use. All you really need to do to make your photos look good is trust in its algorithm, which automatically adjusts the color, contrast and other characteristics of the images. PhotoBoost can be helpful when you don’t need to fine-tune your photos before posting.

If you want a little trouble, you can manually adjust no more than two parameters – the power of automatic optimization and automatic color correction. Nowadays, most people download images directly from their smart devices, which already come with photo editing and filtering tools.

And if you first upload photos to your computer before posting, it’s usually because you want to enhance them. PhotoBoost is a fast and somewhat powerful tool for this purpose, but would be more appropriate for a mobile application.

PhotoBoost – Enhances photos before posting

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