Philips 329P9H – monitor with USB-C connector from the next level

Philips 329P9H – monitor with USB-C connector from the next level

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Provides convenience and uniqueness of the Philips UltraClear 4K UHD (3840 × 2160) resolution Philips 329P9H Lens. The MMD expert has launched the new Philips 329P9H / 01 Brilliance LCD monitor with USB-C connection feature.

This 32-inch display has a full range of high-performance features for professionals. UltraClear 4K UHD (3840×2160) resolution scans your eyes, and numerous connectivity solutions save time through convenience and flexibility in the office. Carefully designed ergonomics ensure optimal conditioning even during the longest working day.

For managers, financial professionals, graphic designers and professional users, this monitor offers everything you need when the last detail is important. With a built-in USB 3.1 type C connector, the monitor provides convenience and versatility for connecting a single cable through a thin and symmetrical USB-C connector.

A wide range of peripheral devices, such as keyboards, mice, or RJ-45 Ethernet cables, can be connected directly to the monitor’s access point, while laptops can connect via USB-C charging cables, high-speed file transfer, high-definition video and more. The Philips 329P9H also offers additional connectivity options.

The built-in MultiClient KVM switch allows users to control two separate computers with just one set of monitors, mouse and keyboard, switching between two touches of a button. The SmartErgoBase bracket allows you to position, rotate, and rotate the monitor to the correct position. Plus, MultiView technology extends customer connectivity by allowing you to view two active devices so that they can get the maximum from multiplying with more such as a computer and a laptop at the same time.

To complement this connected experience, the Philips 329P9H has a secure web camera with sophisticated Windows Hello Sensor Face Detection and is designed for easy finding when not in use. When it comes to visual performance, the Philips 329P9H has something to show. Thanks to the UltraClear 4K UHD resolution, each image is depicted with exceptional detail and color accuracy that will satisfy even the most demanding professionals.

For those who require exceptional accuracy when working with CAD or 3D applications, this monitor is level. The IPS panel technology provides extremely wide viewing angles of 178/178 degrees, which means that the Philips 329P9H can be viewed from almost any angle, even when turned 90 degrees in vertical mode. Colors revive, images get extraordinary sharpness, and brightness levels are optimized.

There is also a smart cable management system. The Philips 329P9H is equipped with many ergonomic features for maximum comfort no matter how long the user is running in front of the screen. FlickerFree and LowBlue technology ensure that every working session attracts attention, and SmartErgoBase enables tilting, rotating, and turning the monitor to the correct position.

There is also a smart cable management system that reduces disorder and adds extra care and convenience. Since no one loves to waste energy, the Philips 329P9H comes with LightSensor and PowerSensor technologies that use harmless infrared sensors to detect the presence or absence of users and adjust brightness for automatic energy saving. The Philips 329P9H is now available in the Bulgarian market at the recommended retail price of 1759 BGN.

Philips 329P9H – monitor with USB-C connector from the next level

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