Outputs a unique Click & Touch keyboard

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Outputs a unique Click & Touch keyboard

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Clevetura Technology uses sensors embedded in the Click & Touch keys to accelerate the work, especially when using the keyboard and mouse at a time. An intelligent system that combines the traditional keyboard, mouse and touchpad has been developed by Clevarura LLC.

With built-in sensor buttons, it provides a flawless transition between the writing and pointer modes. The world’s first intuitive Click & Touch keyboard will be available on the market in August. Clevetura technology uses the built-in sensors in the buttons.

This is something unique for devices like laptops or keyboards using a touch screen external. Buttons match gestures, such as touch pads or mice, and users can write, move, or move the pointer without changing the position of the wrist. Switching between modes is automatic, and the built-in microcontroller immediately recognizes and processes each touch or push.

The user does not care about the way they are used because the system is perfectly aware of what is currently working. Intuitive interaction with the device and new user experience make the system absolutely unique.

“There’s no need for a special touch screen on the keyboard – the buttons themselves do this for you All you have to do is pull your hands over the button to control the pointer or perform other operations Worthy, functional and time-saves you – you do not have to change the hand position permanently.

In fact, the device offers a whole new experience of interacting with the computer, “said co-founders Cleveture Valentin Sokol and Mihail Krupenkov, who are able to manage multiple simultaneous clicks, touches, and other moves, meaning that all common forms of interaction can be used, including zooming, dragging between virtual decks and moving with two fingers Keyboard keys respond to gestures such as touchpads or mice.

The system speeds up, especially when you need to use a keyboard and a mouse. someone calls skype To reject a call using the mouse or touch p you need to move your hand, move the pointer, and press Cancel. With Cleveture, you can only reject a conversation with one gesture.

This form of interaction is impeccable as the user does not think about the I / O device. Clevetur’s first technology owner has been working for a few years at the High Tech Park in the White House. Sergey Kostevic, founder of Asbis Group and the brand Prestigio, is investing in the project.

For almost three years it was necessary to turn the idea into a commercial prototype. Technology patent is also expected. “From the very beginning we believe in the potential of this launch and the intuitive keyboard system, we are working closely with the Belarusian startup, not just investing – we are promoting new technology on the global market,” said investor Sergey Kostevych, Clevingura Devices launches in July and Prestigio’s Click & Touch keyboards will be available at the end of August By the end of the year, it is planned to produce around 100,000 units, and up to 5 devices can be connected to the keyboard simultaneously with three Bluetooth channels, USB receivers and Type-C cables.

You can change the volume or move it back or forth just by dragging it to the left or right to the button in the top row. former Soviet republics: Belarus, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Estonia. At a later stage sales will start in other countries as well.

Potential customers will be technologically advanced users and smart TV owners. The B2B industry is also a potential customer for the device, for example, to manage content on a large screen during presentations and educational events.

The external keyboard is not the only possible application of Cleveture technology. Programmers intend their knowledge and ideas apply to other devices, including laptops.

Outputs a unique Click & Touch keyboard

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