Online platforms have been advancing in the fight against disinformation

Online platforms have been advancing in the fight against disinformation

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Facebook, Google and Twitter Increased Transparency Before Election for EP Internet Platforms Adhering to the Disinformation Behavioral Code. The European Commission announces the latest Facebook, Google and Twitter reports on the progress achieved in disinformation in March 2019.

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Three online platforms that have signed the Disinformation Code of Conduct have pledged monthly reports of their activities before the European Parliament elections in May 2019. Facebook, Google and Twitter increase transparency before the election in the European Parliament.


We welcome the concrete actions that the three platforms have undertaken to fulfill their obligations under the Code, “says Vice President of the European Commission, Andrush Ansip, and Commissioner Vera Yourov, Julian King and Maria Gabriel, three online platforms already mark ads with political content.

Twitter has been specially made publicity libraries by public political advertising and Google’s library has entered the testing phase. “However, further technical improvements are needed, as well as an exchange of methodologies and data sets for counterfeiting profiles that allow independent assessment by external experts, researchers and researchers “.

At the same time, it is regrettable that Google and Twitter have not yet reported on further progress in terms of transparency in thematic advertising, ie Advertising on topics that are subject to bias discussions during the election,” said a joint statement Facebook, Google and Twitter have also taken further action to ensure the security of their services and fight against malicious robots and fake accounts.

The Commission welcomes in particular enhanced cooperation between Google and organizations and fact-finding networks. In addition, all three platforms have initiated initiatives to promote media literacy and training journalists and pre-election campaigns.

As part of the implementation of the Code of Conduct, on April 16, 2019, a platform meeting between the platform and national regulators involved in a group of European regulators for audiovisual media services was held and discussed the functionality of political advertising libraries.

Today’s reports cover platform measures in March 2019. They allow the Commission to check if there are effective policies before the European Parliament elections in May 2019 to prevent distortion of the electoral process.

By the end of 2019, the Commission will carry out an overall assessment of the first 12 months of the Code. If the results are unsatisfactory, the Commission may propose further procedures, including regulatory nature.

Online platforms have been advancing in the fight against disinformation

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