OnePlus TV will be called OnePlus TV

OnePlus TV will be called OnePlus TV

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OnePlus has become known for its powerful smartphones at affordable prices. Now she plans to enter the TV segment. He introduced the name and logo of his new device, reports Engadget.

The television will be called OnePlus TV. This follows the company’s strategy to have the simplest possible names for its devices. She says she chose the name after a match between users on her forum. This is the name we liked the most and according to OnePlus, it is the closest to the company’s vision.

OnePlus TV will probably not be just one model. It is expected that the company plans to offer a full range of LED TVs that will use Android TV for the platform and will have a screen size of 43 to 75 inches. So far, OnePlus has not released details of its future bid. The company only says it will do so “soon.”

OnePlus TV will be called OnePlus TV

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