OMEN X 2S – a two-screen laptop game

OMEN X 2S – a two-screen laptop game

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Powerful Notebook PCs are only 20mm thick and a fully metal housing The 6-inch 1080p touchscreen complements the OMEN X2S main screen. HP’s two-screen HP laptop showed HP at the Beijing Games Festival this week.

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OMEN X 2S changes the perception of what is expected of a gaming device with its simultaneous tasks and specialized shortcut keys. According to research, 82% of gamers use their mobile phones for chat while playing, 61% listen to music, and 49% watch the stream of games and videos or browse the web.


Taking this into account, HP has added another screen to the OMEN X 2S – 6-inch 1080p touchscreen that allows players to send messages to WeChat and WhatsApp, search for Spotify music, watch Twitch and YouTube videos, or even use the center of the OMEN command center -And. OMEN X 2S also lets you copy the main screen in real time.

A special part of the screen can be visualized on a second screen, such as a game card where all important elements are centered, allowing you to move your head vertically and horizontally.

This powerful Intel Core i97, Nvidia graphics and 32GB of RAM are only 20mm thick, has a metal housing and the first 15-inch gaming laptop with the Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut Liquid Metal Cooling System.

The result is heat distribution with 10 times better thermal conductivity than silicone thermal paste, up to 28% better FPS performance on Apex Legends and 8.5% better mixing time Benchmark test.

The OMEN X 2S notebook is expected to be in Europe, the Middle East and Africa in July with a starting price of 2899 euros, the manufacturer said.

OMEN X 2S – a two-screen laptop game

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