New details about Intel Comet Lake processors are out

New details about Intel Comet Lake processors are out

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Intel Comet Lake is the name of the upcoming series of processors that will be produced with sophisticated 14-nanometer technology. If the plan goes, the official premiere must occur in the third quarter of the year.

While we expect this to happen, we understand new details about Intel Comet Lake specifications. It should be noted that mobile versions of laptops will be available in 2019, and desktop configurations in the series should be available summer next year.

The new platform has been developed as the successor to “Cafe Lake” and “Whiskey Lake”, with the upcoming chips being the first in the history of the company they use in their names “Series 10xxx”. TechSpot also tells us about the specifications of one of the first series of architectures, namely the Core i5-10210U.

All other processors in this Intel series will use a combination of five digits, some of which will have an additional letter after them. The Intel Core i5-10210U is a quad-core architecture with 8 Threads and a 2.1GHz working frequency.

Users will be able to increase this value to 3.8GHz with Turbo Boost technology. According to Cometa Lake-U, chips will offer between two and six cores, as well as support for Hyperthreading.

The energy consumption will be 15 watts, which will make it suitable for the future generation of ultra-bulls of leading manufacturers. At this moment, these are all the details we have about the company’s new processor series, which will first present the names of the 10xxx series chips.

New details about Intel Comet Lake processors are out

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