New camera details and design of Google Pixel 4 smartphones came to light

New camera details and design of Google Pixel 4 smartphones came to light

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The company’s upcoming smartphones are subject to much speculation on the Internet. New data has now emerged that reveal even more details about the design of Google Pixel 4.

The devices will be fitted with metal enclosures and will have rear cameras that are square in the upper left corner. A smartphone is expected to be equipped with two lenses on the back, one of which will be a telephoto or wide-angle sensor. We still do not know what the resolution will be.

Google Pixel 4 will have a traditional LED flash, as well as a new “Spectral Sensor”. We remind you that traditionally this type of sensors is capable of capturing objects that are not visible to the human eye. Including X-rays, ultraviolet and infrared light.

The integration of such hardware will probably optimize portraits and shooting in low light. This year’s smart versions will also offer an identical design.

The devices will offer wireless displays and have a total of five camera sensors in front. A curious fact is that smartphones will not have a fingerprint sensor and are likely to rely on the face recognition system.

Google Pixel 4 can be bundled wirelessly and have Active Edge edge edge sensors. Other specifications include Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor, 6GB RAM, 128GB built-in memory and Android Q.

New camera details and design of Google PIxel 4 smartphones came to light

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