Netflix is ​​the most advanced brand in the US

Netflix is the most advanced brand in the US

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The most expensive online gaming Amazon Netflix brand is growing rapidly in the prestigious Brand Finance brand. Brand Finance. Of Netflix’s 59th last year, Netflix has risen to 40th in 2019, with a $ 21.2 billion mark for its brand.

If such dynamics are maintained, Netflix can be in the top 10 most expensive brands in just two years. Of course, this may not happen, given Apple’s ambitions in this market with the new Apple TV service.

The popular YouTube video portal has also risen sharply in the rankings of brands. One year, brand value rose by 46% to $ 37.8bn, making YouTube the 13th in a rating. The Apple brand, worth $ 153.6 billion, took second place, renouncing the Amazon, whose brand was worth $ 187.9 billion. Third, Google has a total of $ 142.8 billion.

Top 5 prestigious ratings are also Microsoft’s IT corporation with a brand of $ 119.6 billion for its brand, and an AT & T telecom operator worth $ 87 billion.

Netflix is the most advanced brand in the US

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