NASA will grow fruits and vegetables in space

NASA will grow fruits and vegetables in space

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NASA has extremely ambitious plans for the future space missions of the planets in the solar system. The vast distances between the planets require the development of fully new technologies to ensure the safety of astronauts.

One of NASA’s ideas is to produce a variety of raw materials in space and build capacities to complement the fuel for its cosmic out of Earth.

If we want to live on another planet, we will also need to find out how to grow vegetables in space. This is NASA’s next ambitious goal, which has confirmed plans for this idea to become a reality.

Scientists from the space agency have already chosen the name of the first plant culture to process at the International Space Station (ISS). This is “Capsicum Annuum” or Spanish Pepper.

You probably know that there are thousands of different types of hot peppers, but Espanola Peppers are mainly selected because they can be grown at high altitudes and the breeding period is too short.

Their other advantage is that they are very easy to pollute. At the same time, hot peppers are extremely rich in vitamin C, which is of great significance for the various astronauts’ diets on the ISS board.

NASA will grow fruits and vegetables in space

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