NASA showed how the Mars mission looks like in 2020

NASA showed how the Mars mission looks like in 2020

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NASA has ambitious plans to send more sophisticated devices to the surface of the “red planet”. The next mission is planned for the next year and will have to bring to Mars a new generation of space trenches.

The agency’s representatives now show for the first time how the spacecraft looks like it will launch the machines and other equipment on the planet in 2020. The updated rover will be equipped with even more precise tools for exploring the surface of Mars.

The object will be optimized to operate at full revolution at least one march year, which is equivalent to 687 days. The main priority for the Mars 2020 appliance will be rocks and soils on the “red” planet.

The new rotor will be equipped with sophisticated tools that can not only practice these surfaces, but also analyze the samples themselves. NASA plans not to return to Earth, but will test equipment that could allow it to happen in future missions.

Scientists praised it for the first time that they gathered the spacecraft to complete the mission. Their tests include a replica of a car rover. In this way, NASA checks the actual dimensions of the machine, which has not yet been engineered.

In the universe there are special coatings that will protect the rover from possible defects during flight. The launch of space is planned for July 2020, and only seven months later plans to land in the Mars Crater Jezero area.

NASA showed how the Mars mission looks like in 2020

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