NASA is developing self-renewing space suits

NASA is developing self-renewing space suits

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The space agency is funding a number of projects, one of the most curious ones being NASA’s innovative advanced concepts (NIAC). In fact, this is a program that offers up to 500,000 awards for the development of revolutionary technologies to become part of future missions to explore the galaxy.

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Over the past year, NASA has approved 12 phase I projects with $ 215,000 and six phase II worth $ 500K.


One of the most interesting concepts is the design of spacecraft designed to land on Venus and the nearest distance to discover more on the planet. This project involves the sending of floating spacecraft to collect energy from the atmosphere on the planet and remotely to send it to the rover of the surface.

This will provide unimpeded access to this valuable resource for astronauts who are exposed to the crude reach of the planet.

Another innovative idea that will be sponsored by NASA is called SmartSuit. This is a costume for future missions that have a unique self-cleaning finish, but it can also function as a touch screen.

NASA also experimented with the idea of ​​creating a massive network of minarets that resemble the structure of networks. Such modules can be in millimeters in size, allowing them to cover much larger surfaces, and these are just some of NASA’s ideas.

NASA is developing self-renewing space suits

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