Mtn affiliated marketing: How to make money with MTN in Nigeria

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If you have been hearing about mtn affiliate marketing you should immediately know it’s an opportunity and the answer for those searching for how to make money with mtn

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Before i further my writing to the subject of today “how to make money with mtn” let me briefly explaine what’s affiliated marketing and how Mtn affiliate marketing or affiliate program works

How Affiliate Marketing Works In Nigeria

Affiliate Marketing is a means through which any Internet user can make money online with or without investment.

Here’s the whole process in summary:

  • Find any product which enable affiliation: the product should be worth promoting and high in demand
  • Promote the product using the affiliate link giving to you by the affiliate program you joined
  • You earn some certain amount of commission when anyone make purchase through your link

Can you see how simple it’s to make money from affiliate marketing? It only works best when you’ve got the right promotion strategies that works best for the products you picked.

How does Mtn Affiliate Marketing Works?

Mtn Affiliate program allows its affiliate marketers to earn as high as 2% commission for every successful sale.

mtn affiliate marketing

Processes involved:

    I will share a code with you in this post: Register with the Code
  • Fund you mtn Wallet(affiliate account)
  • Now start selling with the funds in your Wallet while you earn cool cash from each successful sale

This MTN wallet is a recently launched Mtn Ussd Code to help mtn users make money for free.

MTN wallet affiliate Commission

as soon as you join MTN affiliate program, you earn:

  • 2% commission when you sell airtime to any other Mobile user
  • You earn 1.5% commission when you sell airtime to your own line. In that case you can even make money when you recharge your own mtn line

Steps on how to make money with mtn Affiliate Marketing Program

All of the below are the step you need to take to get started with mtn Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria for free.

Register and fund your MTN wallet to get started:

Register MTN Affiliate Marketing Account: Fund Your Mtn Affiliate Wallet

To join MTN affiliate Wallet, Just pick your phone which have MTN sim in it and Dial *2018#

From the Menu that will show up from your screen, Fill in the required informations and enter any 4Digits which will stand as your password; Make it easy to remember.

After successful registration, the next thing is to fund your MTN wallet to get started.

To fund your MTN wallet, You will need a GTB account (don’t worry you can use your friends account even if you don’t have one)

Without funding your account, you will be unable to sell at a moment because you can only sell with the funds available in your Wallet

To Fund your wallet

With the line registered on GTB bank: Dial *737*50*AMOUNT*2018# and you can now fund your wallet with any amount of your choice.

As soon as your Wallet balance is low, you cannot sell anymore. you will need to refund your wallet again continuously while you earn your commission for every sale.

if you don’t have Gtb account, you can use your friends GTB account in funding your account when your balance is low.

As promised, MTN will be adding more bank features in time to come. We will surely get you updated when such features are present but for now you can only use Guaranty Trust Bank(GTB)

The above is the simple steps to fund your mtn Wallet.

Can i sell to other network providers?

Having funded your MtN Wallet, you can now start selling recharge card to all networks such as MTN, Airtel , GLO etc…

In that case, you will make more money since you can sell to many networks users.

To check your MTN Affiliate marketing balance, Sell from your wallet and other details, you can do that by dialing *2018# from the sim through which you’ve registered.

Wrapping Up:How to make money with MTN via MTN affiliate marketing

The more you sell, the more you earn from this program. However, all I can say is” you can not really make millions and become a multi millionaire through this program but you can earn some cash to pay bills and do other necessary stuffs.

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