Mozilla Firefox 68 will block annoying websites notifications

Mozilla Firefox 68 will block annoying websites notifications

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More and more websites are playing the so-called Notifications for “Empty Notifications”, which can sometimes be quite annoying. This becomes a big problem because it not only conceals the content, it also requires additional clicks to remove them.

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An independent Mozilla survey shows that users do not like such notifications, with only 18% of the reported, but only 3% of them are positively accepted. Every fifth such notice leads people to leave the site they show.


That’s why the company is already experimenting with various solutions to solve this problem in the Firefox browser, says mspoweruser. The company has drawn attention to the fact that users have as easy as how to prevent such notifications from the browser menu.

However, Mozilla confirmed that very few people know about these opportunities and, accordingly, take advantage of the facilities they offer. In an attempt to cope with the situation, tests are already being implemented with another system.

Mozilla developers want to introduce a ban on websites that do not display any notifications, unless the user himself contacts the site itself. Another part of the company’s tests involves the integration of a new icon in the address bar.

Clicking on it will hide notifications, and then press again will show them again. If everything goes according to the plan, these changes may become part of the next version of the browser that will be available in May.

Mozilla Firefox 68 will block annoying websites notifications

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