Most important seo factor you should keep in mind as a blogger

Today I want to share with you some great tips you must keep in mind as a blogger so keep reading….

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Many businesses now have blogs they use as a marketing tool. Even the best online casino in the world now has blogs to help marketing. Here are tips to make your blog presence known.

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Research on Keywords to before using

Finding keywords can be difficult when you do it on your own. There are keyword tools you can use such Google Adwords Keyword Tool and Using these two makes it easier to find topic’s keywords.
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Use Keywords More Often in Your Content but don’t over do it

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After you find your keywords on related content you want to write about, use the keywords in few sentences throughout your content. Remember it’s not about writing keywords in your content but you should make whatever you are writing interesting to read.
Put keywords in the title, headings, subheadings, and in each paragraph. Please do not overdo, the content becomes boring to read and always remember you’re writing for people.

focus more on long tail keywords

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Targeting Long tail keywords for your blog post is very important. They’re the most important keywords to focus on targeting in your efforts. They’re less competitive, so you have a better chance of showing up on page one and actually grabbing some of the traffic for that term

optimize the image on your blog posts

Sometimes it better you put image on your post to make it more interesting to your visitors because some people like seeing pictures in a blog post
That not the only reason why you should put image on your post. You can optimize your image to tell search engine bot your keyword when they are crawling your site by putting your keyword in the alt tag of your image before uploading them to your blog post

Use Social Media Sharing option

Social signal helps your blog seo you should try to make your site more popular on social media and I believe that bloggers who are not using social media opportunity to promote their blog are leaving some money on behind
And You should try to include social media sharing options to your blog. So Your blog readers can easily share your posts with their family and friends on social media. This will increase the number of readers visiting your blog.

interlinking your blog post

Many beginner bloggers do make the mistake of quickly pressing on the publish button after writing there blog post which is not suppose to be, you don’t know the post that will bring traffic to your site.
By interlinking your blog post visitior will stay longer on your site and it will increase your blog pageview

current updating your blog post to keep them current

You should turn this into your behavior has a blogger if you have not. Keep updating your blog post that has been outdated. Beef these up with updated information and valuable tips or insights you missed the first time around.

Add related and recent post features to your blog

This option increase the chance of making visitors stay longer on your blog and decrease the bounce out rate of your blog. If you have not add this feature to your blog before try and do now

wrapping up

simply having a blog and publishing posts isn’t enough to keep you competitive. Try as much as possible to add this tips to your blogging system and I am sure you will surely see good results

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