More rights for users – online and in the store

More rights for users – online and in the store

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The Legislative Package aims to reduce consumer protection differences in EU countries EU consumers will have greater rights in both stores and the Internet. The European Parliament has supported this week’s consumer rights protection policy.

They are part of the package of laws called the “New Consumer Contract”, which envisages the change of four European directives. The legislative package aims to significantly reduce the differences in consumer protection across Europe.

It regulates the possibility of collecting collective claims from traders and increasing sanctions for offenders. New requirements are also being introduced in relation to double standards for the quality of goods and the protection of human data on the internet.

More Online Rights When buying a large online store where merchandise is sold by companies as well as by other users, the buyer must be clearly informed whether this partner is a merchant or other person.

Responsibility for merchandise sold by retailers and private individuals is different, so the consumer needs to know who he is working with. Legislative package also requires greater transparency of search results on the internet. Consumers will have to be explicitly informed if the products or services are at the forefront of search results just because they are paid.

The right of people using “free” digital services is also growing. In practice, they conclude a contract by which they pay nothing for services such as data storage, email or social networking, but allow traders to use their personal information on the other hand.

The new rules regulate that, as well as people who use paid services, those who submit their personal information have the right to waive within 14 days. Collective claims in all EU countries If a trader violates the rights of a large number of consumers in many countries, he will be able collectively to seek satisfaction, replacement or correction.

Users from different countries will be able to represent the same non-profit organization (for example, a consumer protection association). In addition, the right to monetary compensation or termination of unfair business practices will be the same in all EU countries. There are currently differences between Member States in this area.

Efficient sanctions Consumer protection bodies in some countries do not always have the power to sanction practices that affect a large number of consumers across Europe. The amount of punishment varies and is often too low to have a real frightening effect.

Amendments to legislation aim to give national authorities the ability to introduce coordinated sanctions that are truly capable of changing the behavior of offending companies. Double standards for commodities One of the business practices of targeted changes in legislation is the sale of goods with the same brand and packaging, but with differences in the composition of the product without the consumer being aware of those differences.

Studies confirm that this practice exists in the food industry and other sectors. It encourages consumers to think they are buying the same product, but it is not. The approved text indicates that under certain conditions this may be considered unfair business practice and therefore prohibited.

Following steps, the Council must formally approve new rules, after which EU countries will have two years to adapt their national legislation.

More rights for users – online and in the store

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