More and more students are educated for ICT

More and more students are educated for ICT

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Needed to invest in equipment, young scientists and lecturers A small breakthrough will lead to billions of revenue, Minister Krassimir Valchev said. Today’s pupils and students need to be ready for life that will be based on interaction with machines.

And this technique will require programming, development and management, said Krassimir Valchev, Minister of Education and Science, during lectures at the Paisii Hilendarski University in Plovdiv. “Higher education institutions need to take horizontal measures to promote innovation, creativity and develop quality research to cooperate with European university networks and companies,” the minister said.

A small breakthrough will bring billions of revenue and exceptionally fast startups, Valchev said, pointing out that investment in equipment is one of the great steps taken at higher education institutions when it comes to digitization.

Other investments are in young scientists and teachers for whom a National Science Program with a budget of 15 million kunas for a three-year period begins. Krasimir Valchev emphasized the increasing number of students trained in ICT technology – until the first semester of the academic year 2018-2019. It amounts to 14,885.

This sector is an indicative example of positive results of educational work today, as there is a tendency for negative migration among graduate students. According to the minister, higher education institutions are also faced with the challenges of student preparation for cyber security, digital media literacy and digital citizenship, especially for the development of skills to create and manage artificial intelligence devices.

As a prerequisite for redirecting MES to digital challenges, numerous measures from the earliest stages of education are underway, the minister said. Computer modeling has been introduced in the third grade and its expansion is expected in the first grade. High school students can be trained within a program for developers.

This year, a new national IT Business Taught program was launched, enabling IT specialists to include some modules from IT materials. Within the OP for Science and Education for Smart Growth there is also a major project for digitization of secondary education that provides open cloud formation tools with educational content.

More and more students are educated for ICT

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