Steps to get USA, UK, CANADA and other international mobile numbers in Nigeria(PDF)

Intro: This EBook Will Show you step by Step Guide with Screehots on how to Get your personal international mobile numbers here in Nigeria using your Android mobile phone and a mobile application.

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The eBook explained where to download the App since there are many apps with this function but non is cheap instead you see something above 20$ and the Mobile numbers they render do expire in one Month or so. Which is too poor and expensive.

But with this app Described you will get any mobile number for just 720Naira Per Year. And the EBook will also show you steps to use the App in Making your Mobile numbers: Every step goes with screenshot for easy understanding.

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How to Get International Mobile numbers in Nigeria

Did you know You can get your own personal USA, UK Canada and other international mobile number in Nigeria for as low as ₦720 per number which last for one year?


This mobile number is also renewable which means after One year if you decide to continue using the mobile number you can renew it again with the same amount.

If you’re doing some online jobs like Fiverr, UpWork, or if you have a USA, UK PayPal account where mobile numbers are required for verification you will know how important it’s to have your own mobile number for every online deals.

There are so many International mobile number providers online but most of them charge too high and even with poor services. But thank God you’re here today to learn the most affordable method to get your international mobile number.

What can i do with this Mobile Number

Most mobile numbers providers allows you to only receive text messages only but with what am going to show you today you will be able to use this mobile number to send text messages, Make Calls, Receive Calls just like you’re using your local mobile number.

As a matter of fact, I have my USA phone number and you can confirm if you want by sending me text or calling me on +13017995969

The Good news About this mobile number is that fact that it will last for a whole year before renewing it again. I secured the above number with just ₦720 (seven hundred and twenty Naira) for one year.

In that case if you’ve been looking for the best way to get a cheap international mobile number then don’t miss this PDF file.

Am i going to convert my Nigeria number to international?

You aren’t converting your mobile number to foreign number instead you’re going to have a separate mobile number.

When someone call you via the international number it will ring through the mobile app you’re going download on your phone but when someone call your local number it will ring just as usual.

The both numbers are going to be controlled on the same mobile phone. The App calls, Texts and activities will differential both. E.g When someone send you text Message via your international number it will show up in your App inbox but when sent to your local number it will show up in your normal phone inbox.

Can i Get multiple Numbers with this App?

As far as the country number you wanna get fall on this list

You can get as many numbers as possible. but each number will cost you ₦720/Year.

You can also suspend , Delete or Change the mobile number at any time

About the PDF: International mobile number in Nigeria

Like i have explained above.

It’s just a simple step by step guide with screenshots on how i got my own international mobile number here in Nigeria with just ₦720 yearly. No extra fee

It’s really simple step since everything is done with android mobile app. I will show you where to download this app, How to download the App and how to setup your own mobile number.

You don’t need any technicality than the normal skill of using your android phone in browsing online.

Download The PDF file now and keep blazing.

Note: We are still on WebsNaira November Promo so you can get a copy of the file now before the promo runs out. The PDF file is made affordable ₦500

You can contact us on WhatsApp to get a copy of the PDF if you want to pay with Bank transfer. but if you want to pay online the above Download link will help and as soon as you complete payment you will get the PDF file download link.

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