MineNaira Review- How does mineNaira works?

I needed to write mineNaira review having gotten pestered by lot’s of fans biding me to review mineNaira from my own point of opinion perhaps that will help them make decision wither to join or not

Am Sure you can learn successful Blogging secrets through me, am also sure you can learn how to make money online with the help of my updates why not leave your email behind let me show you how.

And you’re wandering: Does mineNaira really pay, How does mineNaira work, how can you make money from mineNaira, How can you join MineNaira, Is mineNaira scam or legit ? all these are the many questions you’ve been finding answers to and fortunately be glad you found this page.

The rate at which scam sites emerge daily are only making internet users to be more mindful knowingly that without doing proper research and review newly launched income programs and schemes, you might end up wasting your time , effort or even money on things that won’t pay.

HIwap earning

In this article i will share with you my personal mineNaira review and what others says about it. Remember we don’t do our review here without other peoples opinions especially when we aren’t sure of his the program works. What we do is consult others and hear from them since they can do the best review as members.


How does MineNaira Works

MineNaira is a platform built for both Advertisers and publishers. While advertisers goes there to place their ads for conversion, the publishers goes there to view ads and earn money per ads view.

Before writing this page i needed to take some time to do my personal review and i found out that there are just two ways specifically to earn from mineNaira as a publisher forgetting other flattering promises.

How to make money from MineNaira

To earn from MineNaira, there are two packages involved which are free and premium pack.

Those packages both earn commissions when it comes to viewing ads referral earning but with different rates.

  • MineNaira Free Membership

    As a mineNaira free member you earn 5% referral commission. You earn 30kobo per ads view and you can only view ads for 1000 minutes per day as your ads view limits. That means if you’re consistent you will earn 1000munites × 30kobo do the maths please am not too good in mathematics

    You can cashout when you reach 5000naira via Paypal or bank transfer. But payment might take upto 7days before it can reflect and they will charge you 40% withdrawal fee. which means you only have 60% to yourself hmm that’s large. in addition, You can only withdraw once in a month. And as a free member they got no support for you.

  • Premium MineNaira membership

    You will pay 2,000 Naira monthly to maintain this package and you will earn 20% commission as referral earning. You have 1440munites per day to view Ads and you earn 50kobo per Ads view (Note: Each ads take approximately one minute)

    You can also cashout when you reach 2000 naira via Paypal and bank transfer but this time the payment is swift and quick and the withdrawal fee is 30% of the amount you want to cashout which means you only have 70% to yourself and you can withdraw twice in a month.

According the my personal finding, the only difference i see in MineNaira paid and free membership all lies quick payment,referral bonus,ads view limits, Supports, and withdrawal threshold and time

According to background checkup, there are other additional ways to earn but those aren’t relevant as they can make you nothing so i just need to keep them off this post. I call them enticing offers. and lest i forget, they credit you with 500Naira as registration Bonus.

MineNaira Review:Does it Worth it?

When i inquired some fans to drop their MineNaira reviews on Facebook all the feedbacks weren’t encouraging. before i continue with my MineNaira Review let me show you some feedbacks.

I needed to ask them why they have dropped so much rough reviews about MineNaira but their points were so clear. Is it that MineNaira is scam or how? i asked since am not a dedicated member of the site. I only have account there to spy.

Is MineNaira scam or Legit?

What make a site scam is when they aren’t paying out their members. but when an income program or platform dispatch payments then we say they are legitimate.

The reason behind all these comments are not because mineNaira don’t pay but i noticed the same complaints among all of their comments when i compared them. which is extremely low earning.

How can i wait on a page for good one minute all in the name of viewing ads to earn and after 1minute i will earn 50kobo as a premium member and 30kobo as a free member. it was funny so i needed to download stop watch to be sure it’s true. All i did was to login my MineNaira Account.

Then clicked on the start mining button which is the major way to earn and i turned on my stop watch as the ads start displaying. I
was delayed one ads page for good 1minute before i was credited with 30kobo not naira.(discouraging)

Am very sure that 1minute page load time can consume 1mb worth of data. I immediately realized why the comments all goes like “it’s waste of time”. Indeed it’s.

MineNaira is not scam they do pay out but what’s the essence of using 1,000 Naira worth of data bundle to earn 500naira? does it make any sense?

MineNaira Review- Here’s My say

I don’t think MineNaira is worth investing time and money. Because you can hardly earn 5000naira in a whole month of consistency and dedication. and you know the funniest part? They will charge you 40% withdrawal fee again ooooops that’s shit.

The only people that can partially benefit from MineNaira is the advertisers and the publishers who are good in referring members except that you will only go there to waste data and time.

Don’t misinterprete this post: mineNaira is Not a scam they are Legit but have low earning potentials because i have see some MineNaira payment proofs from followers so i can say they are real but not worth spending time on.

Meanwhile if you ask me to show you any Legitimate MineNaira alternative which pays to view ads i will honestly say i have no recommendations for now. However, if you’re are looking for legit income program you can check out Zinoly Review and Blog9ja review here.

Wrapping Up:MineNaira review: How does MineNaira works

Am sure from the above inscriptions, you can now tell how MineNaira works and how to make money from MineNaira. Am also sure you have learnt that MineNaira isn’t a scam site but only posses low earning potentials.

Have you ever tried MineNaira with full dedication? How fast or slow was your earning? Are you a MineNaira member? what can you say about them kindly drop your reviews below as it can be of help in our next up. Remember to share and tweet this page and also subscribe for more updates to come.

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  1. Oyeniran David said:

    That’s true. You can imagine I earned #50 after a week. Less i forget, I need cashkaching review.

    December 2, 2018
    • Shiit that’s very poor earning. Anyway thanks for dropping your own review. meanwhile i will look into also writing review about Cashkaching

      December 2, 2018
  2. ola jay said:

    that’s too small to earn, do reviews on this new thing everyone is yarning to my ears… ehmmm.. SHOPFREEMART

    December 4, 2018
    • Indeed it’s little: As for the review i will look into that

      December 5, 2018
  3. charles frank said:

    minenaira is legit have been paid severally. if you have a laptop then its easy as abc…. you get paid for doing nothing at all…. just click on start mining cash and go and sleep…. i love minenaira because they are real, no fake promises like nnu and the rest that will promise you 50k when you reach that amount and request for payment they will send you 5k or you wont even see any money.

    how does minenaira take data? so nnu and the rest dont?
    we all use our data to watch videos on youtube etc without getting paid, but here we have a system that gives us some passive income we dey complain…. Nigerians eh

    no wonder mmm etc scam us

    December 14, 2018
  4. JanetGoodwill said:

    I used to use MineNaira in 2018 and left because of frustration. However friends that I’d have introduced it to said they were enjoying it because in 2019, it moved to N1/min. So I’ve started and it is true. I earn around N250 per day, when my phone can die because of low battery.

    January 12, 2019
  5. advelmaz said:

    Scam website.
    They do not pay and make a refund.
    Finally by closing the account.

    Scam website.
    They do not pay and make a refund.
    Finally by closing the account.

    Scam website.
    They do not pay and make a refund.
    Finally by closing the account.

    Scam website.
    They do not pay and make a refund.
    Finally by closing the account.

    February 13, 2019
  6. Whaleman said:

    Minenaira is a scam. They keep changing rules at will in a way that favours their fraudulent move. I requested for withdrawal of 5000 when I earned up to that amount and they kept the request pending for about two weeks. After that they changed minimum withdrawal to 30000 and declined my initial request. After earning over 12000 I discovered that I could not login again.

    February 14, 2019

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