Microsoft will train artificial intelligence for free

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Microsoft will train artificial intelligence for free

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Building a strategy for working with artificial intelligence requires more than business and technological skills. Leadership and organizational skills required.

This is why Microsoft has created AI Business School, an online master class platform designed to provide useful knowledge to business leaders.

The AI ​​Business School course is available online and free of charge upon request. Users can use the content at their own pace and based on the key areas they focus on.

The Master Class Series has been developed in partnership with the European Institute of Business Administration (INSEAD), one of the leading and largest business schools in the world. It consists of video and text material.

Video content includes lectures, Q&A sessions and talks about the basics of AI technology. The documents include successful case studies, manuals and white papers, created in a convenient format for exchange with teams online or offline, so that everyone can benefit from the program.

Consumers also have access to an AI maturity assessment model to gauge how much their organization is prepared to reap the benefits of AI.

The program will be updated regularly with new, applicable content. It contains lessons, ideas and recommendations from proven professionals in the field.

Among them are Microsoft Chief Financial Officer Amy Hood, Microsoft Executive Vice President of Artificial Intelligence and Harry Schum, and Professor Peter Zemsky, Vice President of Teachers and Innovation and Strategy Teachers at Eli Lilly at INSEAD.

Microsoft’s AI Business School initiative is motivated by the need for training among business leaders on how to create AI strategies and approach AI responsibly.

In a Microsoft survey of 800 business leaders in the US and Europe, 76% of leaders in high-growth companies say they would like to improve their leadership skills as artificial intelligence is increasingly applied in their businesses. 93.5% of these companies intend to invest in artificial decision-making within 1 to 3 years.

“The Microsoft Internet Master Class is about the importance of advanced training. In a technology-transformed world, having the right skills is more important than ever,” commented Kalin Dimchev, Microsoft Bulgaria President and CEO of CEE Multi-Country.

According to him, more and more employers are requiring candidates to possess both traditional and digital skills as well as soft skills. “The average person is expected to have 5 occupations throughout his life, which means that learning should be a continuous endeavor,” Dimchev stressed.

For managers, this means improving their ability to manage and encourage teams to be AI-ready. Managers with an interest in this area and developing employees’ technical skills have the advantage of retaining staff in the workplace. They can develop personalities and create highly skilled teams.

Microsoft will train artificial intelligence for free

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