Microsoft Mail versus Microsoft Outlook – which application to use for Windows 10

Microsoft Mail versus Microsoft Outlook – which application to use for Windows 10

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Windows 10 has two email clients – Mail and Outlook. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages, which raises the logical question of who is better and who to use it? MakeUseOf helps to find a response by comparing both applications.

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Is Outlook Free?


Actually, no. The application has always been paid since its creation. Today it is an integral part of Office 365 Personal and Home but is not available in Office 365 Student. So, to use Outlook, we must first have a subscription for Office.

In the meantime, the post office is a free application and is embedded in almost all versions of Windows 10. Along with that comes the calendar as a separate application, but both are connected and can not be one without another.

Using Email

Logically, this is the most important part of both applications. For basic correspondence via e-mail, both applications do just as well.

But when we need more features, Outlook starts to stand out. Outlook provides features for sending emails as plain text, cleansing threads with many emails and more.

It also offers a category split function, supports IRM messages and has the ignore function of the senders. Outlook also has the ability to create the correct rules for retrieving specific messages, to download and store messages locally, and more.

In Mail, these features are missing, focusing on fast, simple and easy communication. Mail is a more convenient app with a touch screen and offers a function for creating and programming gestures, while Outlook has one.

Working with contacts

The second most important feature of customer e-mail is working with the contacts we have. Mail uses the available contacts in the People app in Windows 10.

Additionally, you can add a connection with accounts in, Live, Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, Exchange, iCloud. Each IMAP and POP3 account can also be added. They are arranged in separate menus in the sidebar of the application. However, editing contacts is old in the People app.

On the other hand, Outlook works with any account that is added in a traditional way. In addition, there is an option to add contacts from a local file, and they can be exported to one.


Mail uses the Calendar application that comes with it. Calendars can be synced with entered mail accounts. It also supports CalDAV files, it can also be used with a cloud calendar and more. Generally speaking, the application is ideal for ordinary users.

Outlook has the same features as several others that target business users. They include offering new event dates, sharing a calendar with others, enabling colleagues to edit your calendar, referring to meetings, forming groups, and more.

In addition, the Outlook calendar is embedded in the application and does not require the use of an additional program.

Integration with other applications

Mail is an application that relies on a simple one. Therefore, it does not offer integration with other applications like Google Drive, Evernote and so on. “Integrated” is only Microsoft, “Calendar”, and “Task”.

On the other hand, Outlook rely on integration with many additional programs. It can be used with the entire Office suite and through the Microsoft Store App Store, supplements can be downloaded for dozens of other applications, including Salesforce, Boomerang, Dropbox, and more. Everything is integrated directly into Outlook, making work with multiple applications very convenient.

Which of the two applications to choose?

The answer depends on the individual needs of each user. Outlook is better for business users or for end-users who need more and more specific features. Outlook offers a huge range of features, so everyone has something for everyone, but in most cases it’s too much for end users.

For ordinary users, beginners or people who just want an easy way to quickly send short messages, Mail is a good enough and appropriate choice. It will do the perfect job and can be synchronized with several email accounts from different locations, which stores mailboxes.

Microsoft Mail versus Microsoft Outlook – which application to use for Windows 10

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