Microsoft has added Quorum blockchain support to Azure cloud service

Microsoft has added Quorum blockchain support to Azure cloud service

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Microsoft added Quorum blockchain support to Azure cloud service Microsoft has introduced a number of new services and technologies from the Azure cloud platform for developers. This company reported in the official release.

So, Microsoft developers have announced the launch of the Azure Blockchain Service, which simplifies the creation and management of blockchain solutions with various participants, united in a single network. The first blockchain platform available in the Azure Blockchain Service will be the Ethereum-based Quorum, developed by J.P. Morgan Chase. She will provide Microsoft and J.P. Morgan can deploy and manage scalable blockchain networks in the cloud.

Microsoft also introduced the Decision cognitive services category to improve decision-making: the Content Moderator content inspection service, the Anomaly Detector problem detection service, and the Personalizer recommendation service. In addition, the company has integrated artificial intelligence into Azure search. “The wide availability of cognitive search will help users to use cognitive services algorithms to draw conclusions when analyzing content.

In addition, the function of storing conclusions made by AI algorithms is available in the preview mode, which will allow you to create, for example, Power BI visualizations or machine learning models based on them, ”the developers note. Added and new features of MLOps development practices for machine learning.

Now, a graphical interface allows you to create and deploy machine learning models, even without writing code, using the drag-and-drop function. Implemented support for the ONNX Runtime engine on NVIDIA TensorRT and Intel nGraph for fast pin generation on NVIDIA and Intel chipsets. Another innovation was the optimization of the Azure SQL Database Edge solution for smart devices.

The developers have implemented streaming data with built-in machine learning directly in the database, which allows the service to be used even with low computing power. The problem of scaling solutions for the Internet of Things was solved with the help of the new open modeling language IoT Plug and Play, which offers a wide ecosystem of certified partner devices that can be easily connected to the cloud.

In addition, by the end of May, developers will be able to support the Unreal Engine 4 game engine for streaming data and native platform integration with the HoloLens 2 suite, which will create high-quality photo-realistic renderings in mixed reality in areas such as architecture, product design, manufacturing and others.

We add that the public presentation of all the above services will be held at the annual conference Microsoft Build 2019, which will be held from 6 to 8 May. Recall that in April, Microsoft, together with the blockchain consortium Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, launched the “token designer” for the business.

Microsoft has added Quorum blockchain support to Azure cloud service

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