Microsoft and JPMorgan have upgraded Quorum blockchain platform

Microsoft and JPMorgan have upgraded Quorum blockchain platform

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Microsoft Corp. will improve the Quorum blockchain platform in cooperation with the American financial holding company JPMorgan, CoinDesk reports. The platform developers, together with Microsoft experts, reconstructed the privacy architecture.

In particular, they replaced Constellation’s privacy engine, written in the Haskell programming language, with Tessera’s Java manager. As the head of Quorum, Oli Haris, said, the changes will make the blockchain platform more attractive for business. “This open source software is available on Github and is maintained by JPMorgan for the benefit of all Quorum users.

The more users Quorum has, the better it will be for everyone, because we can help ensure standardization and create a more reliable technology module, ”said Haris. In addition, the joint Microsoft and JPMorgan development team is working to simplify the process of launching nodes on the platform, and also intends to add support for a variety of consensus mechanisms and a modular menu of privacy features.

“This is done so that companies like JPMorgan can focus on business applications and benefit, while Quorum, working in conjunction with Microsoft, will have a heavy workload,” said Haris. Note recently the cooperation JPMorgan and Microsoft is actively developing.

Microsoft added Quorum blockchain support to the Azure cloud service. Recall also that JPMorgan recently announced the expansion of its own interbank blockchain information system based on the Quorum blockchain.

Microsoft and JPMorgan have upgraded Quorum blockchain platform

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