Microsoft adds an anonymous way to the Edge Browser

Microsoft adds an anonymous way to the Edge Browser

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The new feature is available in Chromium Browser Edition Edge based on Chromium receiving anonymous Web browsing. Microsoft continues to improve its new Edge browser on Chromium.

Another test version available in the Canary Update channel includes incognito browsing as well as other browsers, MSPoweruser reported. When you open a web site in incontinence mode, Edge will not store your browsing history, cookies, and site data, nor will it remember the information when filling in forms – passwords, email addresses, etc.

However, Edge will maintain a list of downloaded files and ” favorite “web resources, which is common practice in other browsers, so true paranoids do not use incognito masquerades.

Earlier, Edge introduced other innovations – read mode, built-in translator, and synchronization with the mobile version of the browser. But some Google services still do not support the new Microsoft browser. It is expected that these restrictions will be discarded after the test period.

Microsoft has not announced when it will release the Chrome version of the Edge browser’s full version, but it should be done by the end of the current year. It is possible that the new Edge will come out with the autumn update of Windows 10 or at the latest in the spring of 2020.

Given the availability of an autonomous installer, the browser can also appear as a stand-alone application. In any case, it is expected that the new Edge will be interesting, as two competitors, such as Microsoft and Google, are joining forces to create a common product.

Microsoft adds an anonymous way to the Edge Browser

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