Massive vulnerability in Apple and Microsoft Bluetooth devices

Massive vulnerability in Apple and Microsoft Bluetooth devices

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However, Android users can feel comfortable From smart clocks to laptops – all Bluetooth devices under Windows 10, iOS and macOS – are vulnerable Despite improvements, protocols and Bluetooth wireless devices still have rich vulnerabilities.

A group of security researchers from Boston University shared this week with vulnerability information in the Bluetooth presentation mechanism that allows hackers access to a unique identifier of the monitored device without deciphering and constantly tracking it.

While the Android Bluetooth mechanism is protected from similar attacks, all Apple and Microsoft devices – from smart clocks to tablets, smartphones, and laptops – are vulnerable, ZDNet quotes at the “Symposium on Privacy Technologies” conference. These are sensitive devices running Windows 10, iOS, and MacOS.

The difference between Android and Apple and Microsoft platforms is that the Google system does not continue to send Bluetooth presentations permanently, but is mostly ready to receive. At the same time, Bluetooth devices using Apple and Microsoft systems rely on permanent applications even before approaching another Bluetooth device.

That way, Apple hardware and Microsoft software allow enough data to be sent, so attackers can recognize their regularity and determine the original device identifier. Test data from Bluetooth 5 were recorded in the test search, and in order to detect MAC address data, the researchers used a special algorithm. Basically, Bluetooth Security Protocol uses randomly allocated MAC addresses to prevent tracking.

However, the algorithm allows the discovery of regularity that detects the authenticity of the device when entering a certain volume of data. To close this vulnerability, Apple and Microsoft must adapt the Bluetooth presentation mechanism, but there is currently no indication that two companies are working on this issue.

Massive vulnerability in Apple and Microsoft Bluetooth devices

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