Make running Windows games easier on macOS

Make running Windows games easier on macOS

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New Parallels Desktop 15 Comes with Many Enhancements virtualization software on their Macs. But Parallels Desktop developers have made it easier to release macOS games and heavy graphics programs with a new package update that adds support for DirectX 11.

Apple Metal rendering technology accelerates graphical rendering by about 15% on macOS. It’s still not enough to run the latest Windows games with great graphics, but the virtualization of versions 5-7 years ago with 3ds Max and Microsoft Office is very good.

On the official list of changes to Paralles Desktop, developers guarantee the execution of games like Madden NFL 19, Age of Empires: Definitive Edition, Anno 2205, Railway Empire, Space Engineers, Frostpunk, Risk of Rain 2, FIFA 19, Fallout 4, Elite Dangerous, Prey (2017)), Crysis 3, and Anno 1800.

Parallels Desktop 15 virtualization package also comes with Sidecar support from macOS Catalina. This feature extends the screen of the iPad tablet. This will allow package users to run Windows programs directly on the iPad screen.

Among the innovations in version 15 are support for extended use of the Apple Pencil stylus, improved drag and drop between the two systems, support for Intel HDA sound cards, improved support for Bluetooth, and more.

The updated virtualization suite is now available for purchase, but new features related to macOS 10.15 will only appear with OS launch by the end of the year.

Make running Windows games easier on macOS

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