4 Untapped ideas to Make Money with Your Android Phone in Nigeria

Can i make money with My android phone in nigeria? Let’s find out the truth about the searches.

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It’s certain we’re in the computer age when people begin to search for keywords like “how to make money with your android phone in nigeria” How to earn extra income online using smart phones with little or no investment in Nigeria.

But the whole question remains: Can you really make make money with your android phone in nigeria?

Yes: It’s very sure you can make money with your android phone in nigeria with little or no investment (totally free).


Formally, people do think that only folks with computers can make money online and because of this fact, so many persons has been deprived of many opportunities to earn online with Android mobile phones since everyone cannot afford to buy PC.

Knowingly that everyone can’t afford to buy PC, most of these online business ventures has also been considering this fact thereby making most online businesses compatible on smart mobiles.

In this article, i shall be discussing some online business ideas to make money with your android phone in nigeria and am sure you will find them really helpful if you have been searching curiously for legit online businesses in Nigeria suitable on smart mobile phones.

Smart Online business ideas to Make money with your android phone in nigeria

Below are some lists of legit and scam free online businesses to make money with your android phone in nigeria

  • make money with your android phone in nigeria through Blogging

    Anytime am asked to mention the best paying online business i love so much, i always put Blogging first as my number one priority before other methods.

    I have also learnt that over 70% of persons searching for how to make money online with android phone in nigeria knows well that Blogging is one key that must not be eschewed, but they can’t just start Blogging because some folks out there has created the wrong impression that you cannot Blog without PC.

    Personally, i have been Blogging for long with Mobile phone even when i have my PC 100% working fine. I just have the love for mobile Blogging as it seem very comfortable and easy to me.

    All this while I’ve been Blogging with Android mobile phone, i haven’t seen any limitation. This made me understand that blogging on mobile phones has no limitations as far as you’re using a good Android phone with updated and advanced mobile browsers.

    You can start Blogging right AWAY and make money from Blogging when due. Mind you Blogging isn’t a get rich overnight scheme.

    Did you wish to start Blogging with your mobile phone in Nigeria and earn money online, you can follow steps here on how to create a free Blogspot website on mobile And how to start a free WordPress website on mobile

    I will advice you search google on how to grow your blog and how to make money from your blog having created a new blog.

    Mind you, this Blog you’re reading from is created with mobile phone, and all the articles you’re reading here, are written with mobile phone too. my phone model isn’t better than yours.

  • Make and Monetize Your Mobile apps

    You can make money creating your own Android apps with mobile phone and with zero Codding skills.

    There are many online Mobile app builders which allows you to create Android apps for free without Codding and among them we have appsgeyser.com

    After creating your own Android apps using your smart mobile phones, you can book advertisement space to let people advertise on your app and you can also earn money placing google AdSense ads on your mobile apps.

    Google AdSense also have the platform which enables you to earn from your apps just like you earn from your website and it’s called Admob AdSense.

    With this, you can make money with the traffic you get on your Apps.

  • Make money Online with mobile phone through freelancing

    Freelancing is an act of rendering services online and getting paid for what you can do.

    What can you do better with your Android mobile phone? why not start advertising yourself as a freelancer and get clients to hire and pay you for your services.

    I have learnt to create websites even with my mobile phone and i do get clients who want to create websites and they pay me for my services upon job well done.

    I have learnt to type very fast and accurate with my mobile phone so i search for clients who need writers on their blogs. I do write for them and i get paid for writing blog Posts.

    What about you: Go and make more research about freelancing online Job in Nigeria and you will see how it goes in details. Mind you, as a freelancer you must render services to get paid.

  • Make money online with mobile phone through Facebook

    Did you know you can make money online with your Facebook account here in Nigeria?.

    You don’t have excuse for this, as Facebook has been made well compatible on all mobile devices which am very sure you’re also using your smart mobile phones for Facebook.

    You can’t be subscribing everyday and chatting with friends and relatives without making out of it. (If it’s not making money then it’s not making sense)

    There are many online earning programs in Nigeria which enables you earn decent income online even without a website but you must properly utilize your social media presence as it’s very important in the rase of making money online through social medias like Facebook.

    Some of the legit Online businesses in Nigeria to make money with your android phone in nigeria and Facebook are:

    • Blog9ja Income Program
    • Enigeria Income Program
    • Nnu Income Program
    • NewsPay Income Program
    • Naira4all income Program
    • Wakanda Income Program

    With all of the above listed legit Online income programs in Nigeria, you can make money with your mobile phone and social media with ease.

Wrapping Up:how to make money with your android phone in nigeria

Note:Making money online isn’t easy as portrayed by some folks out there as you must have to partake on some activities.

However, it’s very sure that making money online is real and not scam as i have made so much money online through all of the above methods and still making it.

If you love the above suggestions and ideas on how to make money with your android phone in nigeria, kindly share and tweet us below and don’t forget to comment and subscribe for more making money online opportunities and Blogging tips in Nigeria.

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  1. Rofiat said:

    Thanks for this article but I will like to know the list of recent online money making programs that are free from scam. So I can start promoting them. Thanks for your efforts.

    February 11, 2019

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