How to Make Money Online In Nigeria Without Paying Money To start

It’s demn annoying that after registering for some make money online websites you keep seeing an upgrade fee Alert, especially when you were unaware initially. this keeps you wandering if you can really make money online in Nigeria without paying money to start

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Are there really online jobs in Nigeria that pays without investment fees, What can i do to make money online in Nigeria without paying money to start, What is the easiest way to make money online in Nigeria ? etc

These are tones of questions that newbies online won’t stop asking but the true remains the same that you can make money online in Nigeria without paying money to start.and this is what am going to share with you today.

Ideas to make Money Online In Nigeria without Paying Money to Start

Here are some lists of make money online ideas to generate income without start up fee/capital

Start a YouTube Channel In Nigeria:

Here is a way through which you can make money online in Nigeria without spending a thine as you will have to pay nothing to start a YouTube Channel.

YouTube is one way you can make money online without any start up fee but this idea is for people who can make movies, comedy Clips, films , and those who can talk in front of their cameras.

After Creating Your YouTube channel, You will only have to create and upload your original videos then you can think of making money from your YouTube using Google AdSense. Below link will help you.

How to Monetize Your YouTube Channel for free

Start A Free Blog:

You can start making money online easily even without spending a thine from your free WordPress Blogging platform.

Blogging can earn you real money if you address it as a real business just like i have stated in one of my previous articles.

Before You can think of making money online , You must know how to write articles worth reading as blogging is an online business that needs writing if you must succeed. Apart from your writing skills You also need Technical skills on how to create a free Blog.

After setting up your blog don’t forget it doesn’t make money that fast. Blogging requires time to generate income online so build your blog , Drive traffic and wait while your earning increase. You can learn how to make money from Your free WordPress blog here.

Start Affiliate Marketing:

You can start affiliate marketing online to make money online even without any investment or start up capital.

There are many affiliate Programs in Nigeria to make money online: Some of these affiliate programs are;

  • Jumia affiliate program
  • Wakanow affiliate program
  • Web4Africa affiliate program
  • DomainKing Affiliate Program
  • Konga Affiliate program-etc.

You can join any of the above affiliate programs to make money online selling their products on your Facebook and other social media pages.

Create a Membership Website:

a membership site is the type that you create and make some of the contents exclusively for paid members alone.

Whenever these members make their payment to you they will have access to the other areas of your blog.

With this you can make huge amount of money from your members as you also drive free traffic to the website.

Create And Sell Ebooks:

What is the area you are specialised on? did you know that there are many people online looking for this same thing that you already known very well?.

You can create an eBook about any area of your specialisation which you feel people are in need of. Sell your ebooks via the social media , Free forums and other platforms online while you get paid..

Do URL Shortening:

You can get paid to shorten URLs online and when people click on the links you earn some certain commission.

In this earning method you only earn high when you get more readers to click on your shrinked links. The social media is the best place to promote such links and earn higher.

A good example of website that provide such services is

You can also make research on Google to find other places where you can shorten links/URLs and get paid.

Create an Online Store:

You can make money online in Nigeria without paying money to start by creating an Ecommerce website where you can sell both digital and physical products online.

You can bring your offline goods and get sales via online through the help of your online store. A good example of such websites are they are reliable online stores in Nigeria you can take as a demo.

Sell On Jumia And Konga:

Even when you don’t have online store of you own , you can bring your products online and start selling online with the aid of jumia and konga.

They have millions of buyers across Nigeria and you can place your products with them for free and get paid .

Do Freelancing Job:

Can you design logos, Can you design graphics, Can you create websites, do you have SEO skills, Can you do web analytics,Can you write very well, What can you offer for people to get paid for.?

You can go online via the help of Facebook and place your services online. You will find people who will need your services.

They will pay you based on your price tag and service rendered. You can now become a service provider online to earn more money as this is another means through which you can make money online without paying money to start.

Become an online Tutor:

The rsie of Technology has made life easy for everyone. You can start by creating video courses and sell them online via You can Create as many online courses that you think people might be in need of.

Sell via any online platform that allow you to place your goods on sale and get paid when people take your courses.

Teach Your Native Language: is an online platform where you can meet people in need of learning your native language.

They will offer to pay you for teaching them your language. But before you go on for this ,you must be good at your language because i learnt that learners don’t teach learners.

Develop A software:

Did you know you can make money with your software development skills.

If you have learnt software development while not unitilse it by creating and placing your interesting softwares for sale. e.g You can create a software about past questions and answers for students and lock them with access code.

When users download software they will have to buy access code to get access to the software: here you can make your cool cash even without paying money for any start up.

Sell Photos Online:

Are you a blogger who like making quality images, Or did you like to make images by snapping every where you go? allows you to sell your photoes and get paid.

CONCLUSION: All of the above are ideas through which you can make Money online without paying to start. With all of the above you don’t need any start up fee. You can easily start any of the above to get paid .

Take Note that the list to make money online in Nigeria without paying money to start is endless as you may find more ways to make money apart from the above.

Have you found or tested any means to earn money online without start up fee? You can share with us in the comment section also don’t forget to Subscribe for more updates , And also share this article


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