6 Legit Ways to Make Money Online as a teenager in Nigeria

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There are countless ways to make money online as a teenager in Nigeria as inscribed by Dennis Hooper in one of his articles where he wrote about JOBs for 16years old. Even with the many ways to make money online as a teenager as listed by Dennis, i can still tell you there are still many other untouched ones on his list as there are too many ways to make money online as a teenager in Nigeria.

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make money online as a teenager in Nigeria

Are you are teenager looking for how to make money Online? in this article i shall be writing short but descriptive lists and guide on how you can equally make money online as a teenager in Nigeria or even abroad.

Why You need to make Money Online as a Teenager In Nigeria

There are too many reasons why you need to make money online as a teenager. Making money online is really cool especially when you are a teen. As a matter of fact i have been making some cool cash online for the past 4years from blogging and freelancing and in my school years my course mates are like am doing Yahoo Business Online because they call the money magic online money

I always try to explain to make them to create the impression that they can also make money online yet they won’t understand as they keep seeing alerts of payments from completed tasks online.

As a teenager making money online in Nigeria, you will always be proud among your pears. This usually happens in school when others are growing hungry you keep growing fat . There is a great joy in making money online in Nigeria as a teenager especially when your parents aren’t financially buoyant. with the money made from any online source you work with you can easily fend for yourself like paying your school fees and house rent, with other handy fees.

In Nigeria they call making money online a (soft work ) and this is what every Nigerian teen and youths wants to do.

Have you been striving to make money online as a teenager in Nigeria. this short guide will help you find the right source. just continue reading….

Ways To make Money online As a Teenager in Nigeria

The below methods to make money online as a teenager in Nigeria is applicable to website owners and non website owners I.e you can make money from some of the sources even when you don’t have a website.

  • Work as a Freelancer
  • Become a Blogger
  • Do Referral programs
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Information Marketing
  • Make money From Naira4all
  • Make Money from Wakanda Nation
  • Work as a FreeLancer:

    Freelancing is one among the best ways to make money online as a teenager in Nigeria. What is freelancing? for those who don’t know how freelancing works and what it means:

    Freelancing is when you do a job online and get paid after completing the required task. E.g if you know how to design websites , You can present yourself online to get more Clients to hire you and pay you per job done.

    If you know how to design logo, or render any service online such as SEO services, Social media analytics, Writing jobs etc you can create a social media account where you advertise your services, those who needs your service will hire you and pay according to your charges.

    In a short note: Freelancing simply means rendering services for clients online to get paid.

    As a teenager who wants to make money online in Nigeria ” what can you do that others can not do? why not present your work online to find your targeted clients as a freelancer.

  • Become a Professional Blogger:

    I always tell my fans that blogging is the best online business that i trust so much. Blogging cannot and will never be compared to any other online business. The reason is because as a blogger you can do other online business e.g a blogger can do freelancing work and he is liable of growing even more successful compared to those who run their work socially.

    As a niche blogger you will be exposed to more of your targeted audience. as a teenager who wants to make money online you should consider learning about creating and managing a professional blog.

    Before you think of creating your own website , you need to learn how to write , what blogging niche is all about, Learn about blogging traffic , how to grow your website, how to optimize your website and finally how to monetize your website.

    If you can learn all of the above then you can easily grow a website that can earn you money after some time.

    The only problem about blogging is that it requires some time to grow your blog to the make money stage but be rest and sure that you must surely make money when you blog in the right dimension.

    Did you want to learn blogging? you have two options:

    1. Use Google to search all of the above keywords
    2. Hire me to teach you blogging Am here
  • Referral Programs:

    Personally i ave made some good amount of money online in Nigeria doing referral programs.

    Though referral work online could be hard if you haven’t learnt a good referral strategy because in referral program you will have to bring people to get paid.Without referring then you may end up earning little or nothing.

    I will rather recommend blogging, freelancing and other make money online method . Some of the top referral programs in Nigeria are: 500naira.com, CoolNaira.com, NNu.ng, in all of the above mentioned referral programs you will need to bring in others to increase your earning.

  • Affiliate Marketing:

    Unlike the referral program where you will have to bring people to earn in affiliate marketing you will have to make sales to get paid.

    You can join any affiliate program online to get paid for selling their products .

  • Information Marketing:

    This is the act of selling informations online : You can write your own ebooks on any topic your are specialized on. Post your eBook for sale and get people to buy them.

    All you need about information marking is

    1. Be an expert in a field
    2. Figure out the information that call sells very well
    3. Do your research to gather more information about the subject
    4. Now do your writing about it
    5. Publish your eBook usually in PDF format
    6. promote your eBook to get buyers
    7. Keep making money online as a teenager

    Information marketing can earn you money even after many years of setting up your eBook e.g if you create an eBook on evergreen subject such as How to Create a website this is eBook is capable of selling even after many years of publishing because people won’t stop looking for how to create a website.

    As an information marketer it’s your duty to find evergreen subjects to write about as this will earn you more money on the long run.

  • Earn From Naira4all:

    Naira4All is a Nigerian based online platform where you will have to register and upgrade your account with some little cash after which you will have access to the premium features as you are now a premium member.

    You can make money from naira4all by sharing posts and getting paid, selling premium ebooks given to you for free download they have over 4,000 premium eBook for you to use or sell and make money online.

    with Naira4all you can make money online in Nigeria as a teenager even without a website and with your mobile phone.Apart from the above listed features of Naira4ll they have countless of other amazing features to make money online you can Check out here.

  • WaKanda Nation:

    Why Some are still afraid of scam online, tones of Nigerian teens who can take risk in the right measure are still making money online.

    Wakanda Nation is a very great platform with 100% legit review having gotten paid countless times with them.

    I love Wakanda Nation for their features. With wakanda you get paid for commenting on Posts, you get paid for logging in your account daily, you get paid for sharing posts on Facebook or other social medias and you also get paid when any other user joined through your referral link. payment is done every weekend

    If you are looking for the best way to earn money online while you share , comment or logging your account then wakanda is the best option

    This will require you less work as it will take you just few minutes to do all of the above tasks and earn your daily cash. You can Join Wakanda Nation Here.

CONCLUSION: All of the above mentioned methods to make money online as a teenager in Nigeria are capable of experimenting with your mobile phones or computer and they are still working 100% as of the time of writing this article.

I can only recommend while you figure out what works for you, therefore among the lists above it’s your turn to test and do your findings about the one that suites you.always remember that during the period of testing and findings you may encounter failure but don’t be discouraged and don’t quite as failure is only a ladder to climb higher in any online business

My Advice for every teenager who wants to make money online in Nigeria:( “”” Never allow the quest for making money online in Nigeria as a teenager deprive you of others of your crucial offline duties such as your education and your environmental demeanor.””””) Learn to schedule your time to favour your online and offline duties.

Now that you have learnt to make money online as a teenager in Nigeria it’s your turn to take action, and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter below to get more updates from this website. Comment and share this post if you love what we offer.

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