LG’s new smartphones will be LG M10, LG V60 and LG V70

LG’s new smartphones will be LG M10, LG V60 and LG V70

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LG will continue to rely mainly on mid-range and budget smartphones to expand its reach in the industry. The Korean manufacturer is already working on several new models and is registered trademark “LG M10“.

So far we have not seen a device with this brand, which means it will be a whole new series of the company. Registration was made in early July to the Korean IPR.

At this stage, we do not have information on the technical specifications of this LG smartphone. However, the model will become the founder of an entirely new series of mobile devices.

It will not be a surprise if we see the first smartphone from it before the end of this year. GizmoChina also informs that LG has patented two more trademarks in its own name, which are also quite interactive. These are LG V60 and V70.

Hardly doubt that these Android models will inherit the LG V50, which is already on the market. A factor that probably means that this will be a premium offer from the most expensive price class.

So far, there is no indication if the smartphones will be available with the brand “ThinQ”, which we associate with the Algorithms for Advanced Artificial Intelligence of the company. It seems we expect interesting events around LG in the mobile industry in the coming months.

LG’s new smartphones will be LG M10, LG V60 and LG V70

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