LG develops smart phones with liquidation displays

LG develops smartphones with liquidation displays

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LG impressed CES 2019 visitors in January with the premiere of the world’s first revolutionary television. The concept is quite impressive and allows the screen to be displayed and stored at the base when not in use.

The whole process lasts no more than ten seconds, with 100W speakers placed in the base station. LG has huge potential in this technology and plans to optimize it for other mobile devices, including smartphones.

The Korean manufacturer registered ten brands on its own behalf before the European Union’s IPO (EUIPO). Each of the questions describes the design of smartphones whose screen can be folded up like paper.

Data from the new LetsGoDigital publication reveals that the company has already registered the following names of devices with this unique design: LG Roll, R Roll, Roll Canvas, Roll Canvas, Roll Canvas Rotolo.

The information is definitive evidence that the company does not intend to display only one device with a similar design, but operates on a whole range of gadgets with liquidation displays.

It will certainly take time before LG to optimize the capabilities of technology so we can see the first such smartphone in the world. In any case, however, the concept of the company can trigger the next major revolution in the industry

LG develops smartphones with liquidation displays

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