LG creates its own artificial intelligence chip

LG creates its own artificial intelligence chip

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A new AI processor will be used in smart smartphone products LG will artificially enhance learning processes. The Korean company LG has developed its own chip with AI Chip and patented LG Neural Engine technology to better create the neural network of the human brain and significantly Improving processes related to learning algorithms.

AI Chip includes a so-called visual intelligence for better recognition and differentiation of space, places, objects, and users. Voice intelligence accurately recognizes voice and noise characteristics, and product improves device capabilities by detecting physical and chemical changes in the environment.

The chip also provides personalized AI services through training and training, through video and audio data, to enhance the recognition of emotions and behavior of the user as well as the context of the situation.

Products that use LG AI Chip will also benefit from AI technology on the device even if it does not have an Internet connection. AI Chip also uses a powerful security system to better protect personal information from hackers – work in common areas does not require a high level of security, and security-requiring security processes work in special hardware security zones.

The chip is designed to increase the performance recognition of the product being managed – for example, an advanced SLAM (SLM) display mechanism. Its image processing function corrects the distortion caused by wide-angle lenses, making the image lighter and clearer in the dark environment.

LG plans to include a new AI Chip in future products such as robot vacuum cleaners, washing machines, refrigerators, and even air conditioners. In addition,

LG will expand its range of solutions in the field of artificial intelligence through collaboration with external companies, universities and research laboratories.

LG creates its own artificial intelligence chip

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