LG bought 540 DuPont patents to improve OLED TVs

LG bought 540 DuPont patents to improve OLED TVs

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LG continues to compete fiercely with Samsung on the global television market, with the two companies being the largest sources of innovation in this segment. One of the key divisions of the Korean manufacturer LG Chem has now made an interesting investment that promises to improve the quality of OLED TVs. The company has paid $ 176 million to acquire 540 unique patents from the US company DuPont, AndroidHeadlines reported.

Most of the technologies are related to the design and the way OLED LEDs work in televisions. DuPont’s innovations are related to the development of the so-called. “Soluble” organic light emitting diode (OLEDs). LG’s desire to integrate technology in its next generation of TVs and promote it in a mass market.

The acquisition of patents will allow the company to create better OLED displays, which can also be produced at a much better price.

Another great advantage of OLED’s “Soluble” diodes is that they can reproduce brighter and more saturated colors than the current screen-making techniques. Investments in this technology are not accidental because OLEDs are also used by other electronic devices, including smartphones.

LG will probably need time to improve the concept and become part of its TV generation, but we are expected to learn more about their plans before the end of 2019

LG bought 540 DuPont patents to improve OLED TVs

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